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Penn State wearable glucose monitor

Penn State Researchers Develop Wearable Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor

Penn State researchers have developed a wearable glucose monitor that can non-invasively measure glucose levels within sweat in real time. Noninvasive glucose monitoring devices are...
Radio waves energy harvester

Researchers Harvest Energy From Radio Waves to Power Wearable Devices

We’ve all heard about radio waves. These are signals permeated by microwaves and Wi-Fi connections. However, these are not just mere signals of energy...
Sensor Collects Data from Tears or Saliva

Wearable Sensor Collects Data from Tears or Saliva to Treat Eye or Mouth Diseases

Researchers at Penn State University have developed a new kind of wearable sensor that would deliver real-time medical data to those with eye or...
Sensors printed on skin without heat

Penn State Engineers Print Sensors Directly On Human Skin Without Using Heat

Over the last few years, we have seen an increased interest in flexible sensors that provide biometric measurements with comfort to the user. Now,...