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Montblanc Summit Lite review

Montblanc Introduces Summit Lite With A New Focus On Health and Fitness

Following on from the success of their Summit 2 smartwatch, the German luxury goods maker Montblanc has launched a more streamlined version called Montblanc...
Montblanc summit 2

Montblanc’s Summit 2 Smartwatch is Packed with Tech But is Still Luxurious

Just over a year after the launch of its first smartwatch, luxury writing instruments and watchmaker Montblanc has announced its newest version of the...
Montblanc twin smart strap

Montblanc Introduces TWIN Smart Strap and Wireless Payment Platform

Montblanc has unveiled a new TWIN Smart Strap that can be attached to most watches to make them smart. The TWIN Smart Start features...