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Smart prosthetic ankle

Smart Prosthetic Ankle Adjusts to Uneven Ground, Stairs

While prosthetic limbs are getting better and more personalized, they are still a far cry from the real thing. The Vanderbilt University lab of...
Solar Supercapacitors

Scientists Create Solar Supercapacitors Which Could Power Future of Wearable Sensors

In an attempt to make wearable devices lighter and more efficient for all users, a team of scientists have engineered a new solar-powered supercapacitor...

Electronic Skin for Prosthetic Hands Lets Amputees Feel Pain

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have developed an electronic skin ("e-dermis") that could be implemented to a prosthetic hand to enable the wearer have a...
movement sensation

Restoring Movement Sensation in Patients with Upper Limb Amputation

A research team led by Cleveland Clinic has successfully engineered a complex hand movement sensation in patients with upper limb amputations. Scientists believe in...