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IBM fingernail sensor

IBM Develops Fingernail Sensor That Uses Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Parkinson’s, Other Diseases

The strength of grip is a useful metric for monitoring diseases. Grip strength has been linked with the effectiveness of medication in people with...
Purdue smart stickers

Purdue University Researchers Develop Cheap, Biocompatible and Breathable Smart Stickers

As wearable technology is becoming more and more advanced, researchers are finding ways to create cheap and easy-to-use wearable devices that can perform effectively. A...
Wearable Smart Stickers

Wearable Smart Stickers May Save Lives of Patients, Athletes and Cut Medical Costs

Heart surgery in itself can be a traumatic experience for patients, and having to continuously monitor your health status without a doctor present when...
Wristband to detect diseases

Rutgers Researchers Develop Smart Wristband That Could Detect Disease

Imagine a wristband that could detect diseases including cancer, or bacteria or other biohazards in the air or surfaces, and then wirelessly transmit its...
Trump election Brexit

Study Explains How Brexit Votes and Trump Election Impacted Our Health

The results of the 2016 presidential election and the Brexit referendum shocked many of us. People on one side of the Atlantic voted to...