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Sports and Fitness Wearables

Companies Exhibiting their Best Wearables for Sports and Fitness at WTEU19

Wearables like fitness trackers and smartwatches are now part of our life. However, this notion of wearable technology isn’t new, in fact, it goes...
WTEU19 enabling tech

WTEU19: These Companies Provide Cutting-Edge Enabling Tech to Keep Your Business Up-To-The-Minute

Technology is constantly advancing, and thus it is altering the rules of competition, making numerous old business processes, strategies, and operating modes obsolete. Enabling...
Healthcare wearables WTEU19

WTEU19: These Companies Want to Revolutionize Healthcare with Their Smart Wearables

With the advancement in technology, healtcare now has more access to patient data. Simple wearables like Fitbits to FDA-approved Medtronic devices are all helping...