Fitbit Flex – Checking out the Activity Wristband

Fitbit Flex

Four years after releasing their first step counter, the pioneer company Fitbits now offers a wristband activity monitor. Flex is just like the digital wristbands made popular by Nike and Jawbone. But, unlike Nike and Jawbone the Flex is made of two pieces – the actual tracker is inside a small plastic body that is inserted into an adjustable wristband. Housing the technology in a small body makes it possible to forgo flexible electronic systems like rechargeable batteries and conductors responsible for quality issues in other devices. It is the same design you find in the Fitbit One and the Fitbit Zip – both use a small tracker and plastic body. The Flex is available in different colors, to match your personal style, and you don’t even have to wear the wristband, if you don’t want to – the tracker is small enough to fit into a wallet or pocket.

Fitbit Flex

Tapping your finger on the tracker lights up five small LEDs to show you how active you have been. In increments of 20 % these LEDs show you how much of your daily goal you achieved. Additionally, you can choose a number of steps after which the Flex vibrates, indicating your achievement. This doesn’t replace a display, of course, but it does provide enough information for you to benefit from the trackers’ feedback without you syncing it to your phone constantly.


Fitbit Flex – Data transfer and analysis

Flex transfers data via the energy-saving Bluetooth 4.0, which is used by most smartphones. You can also transfer your data to your online profile by connecting your Flex to your computer. The website is recently redesigned. Details about step count, distance, and weight can be added and reviewed on the customizable dashboard. The same goes for the smartphone App, which is also customizable. In addition to monitoring activity and sleep, the Fitbit Flex also offers an alarm feature, you can set it on your smartphone, and the Flex wakes you up by vibrating at set time.

Fitbit Android App

Fitbit Flex – battery life and overall impression

Compared to other activity wristbands, the Flex has a rather low battery life of four to five days, though this does help to keep the body small. Apart from that, Fitbit’s new tracker Flex is a successful activity tracker. Though design and material are less exciting and fancy than Nike and Jawbone, you get a well-built, affordable gadget for 99 Euro. Bluetooth allows for quick and easy access to your data, app and website offer extensive tracking, and you can adjust and configure the Flex’ app and website to your liking.”

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