As it happened: day 1 of the WTconference in San Francisco

Wearable Technologies are a hot and trending topic in the Silicon Valley this summer. Hence the various tech events this month. However, at Fort Mason today and tomorrow the venue is an all exclusive WT site: no less than 11 Wearable Technologies Conferences by the WT Group were organized as of 2006 on 3 different continents leading up to this 12th edition.

Synopsys Co-founder Aart de Geus speaking during the Day 1 – wrap-up session. Twitter photo: @WeirdEaredJas

Here is a report on day 1 of the conference and some visual impressions.

5.35PM it´s a wrap! Evening reception starts now at the Fort Mason Venue. We already have enough material to write about the ideas that we gathered at Day 1 of the conference for months to come.

5:05PM Synopsys´ Aart de Geus kicks off the Day 1 wrap up session at the WT conference. Aart talks about the techonomics of smart everything. What he means by that? I guess you have had to be there!

David Holz of LeapMotion Photo: WT Group

4:40PM David Holz from Leap Motion is showing us how to make a masterpiece out of thin air.
“We’re getting to a point where we are interacting with technology in a way like we do with the rest of the world.” David also shows us a demo.

Energy harvesting with the Peltier Ring showcased by its creator Sean Hodgins. Twitter photo: Jen Quinlan @QuirkyInsider

2:40 PM Sean Hodgins talks about this very remarkable student project indeed: Energy Harvesting with a ring?

2:00PM Steve Job´s legacy is still with us today as VARTA quotes:

“Philipp Miehlich (VARTA) quotes Steve Jobs: Chip is the brain. Display is the face. Battery is the heart.”

12:40 Well deserved Lunch break time it is! It´s a wrap for the first part of Day 1. Stay tuned for much, much more to come.


12:20 PM Time for HZO´s contribution here at the WT Conference: let´s talk waterproofing wearables! Twitter photo: Jen Quinlan @QuirkyInsider

11:40AM During Wolf Richter´s speech Co-Founder and president EPIC Semiconductor: harvesting energy from your own body!? Amazing what new technologies can do.

EPIC Semiconductors

11:10 AM Dave Lamb Kicking off the second part of the morning program with Dave Lamb, 3M discussing enabling technology: liquid crystals.

10:50 AM Phew! Time for a coffee break.

10:55 AM Another quote: “15 years from now, there will be a significant amount of people wearing some type of heads up displays.”

10:50 AM “What we have is good, but not good enough”

Photo: WT Group

10:45 AM Babak Parviz is well into his key note speech and already we have a beautiful quote from him: “If implemented properly devices like Google Glass can transform the meaning of knowing things.”

Christian Stammel opening key note
CEO WT Group Christian Stammel during his opening key note. Photo: WT Group

10:00AM We have lift off! Christian Stammel kicks off the WT Conference.

Kick-off conference Day 1

09:00AM – Registration starts
The first attendees are coming in. In an hour CEO of the WT Group will start his opening speech….

08:00 AM all exhibitors are present!

Today is D-Day for the WT Conference.

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