WT Innovation Show at the WTconference

Exhibitors Wearable Technologies Conference San Francisco

This year at the WTconference we will have a large number of exhibitors showcasing their latest products with some companies even showcasing them for the first time!

Here are some of the highlights:

Moff, a wearable smart toy




Leo : The fitness intelligence by Makers of Leo

@WT SFO Exhibitor



WIACTS, Run the digital world with a flick of a finger




Mio Alpha, Train with Heart Smartwatch

@WT SFO Exhibitor



Imprint Energy, Flexible and rechargeable batteries


@WT SFO Exhibitor



boogio, Make your shoes smart

@WT SFO Exhibitor


Ascent Batteries, The power to your wearables

@WT SFO Exhibitor

Has this tickled your curiosity? Please have a look at what´s more in store at the exhibitors area at San Francisco Wearable Technology Conference 2014.

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