Lost track of all things connected to the body?

3 weeks ago at the Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco we did not hear about wearables. Instead we heard everything about wristables, hearables, bendables, energizables, sensibles, wrappables. What a fresh change in not only linguistics and vocabulary, but also shows that the industry is starting to redefine itself in a more sophisticated manner.

At WT we make it our business to keep up with the latest in the industry, with criteria of course. Some areas of the overall market are still highly volatile and all supporting companies as ourselves as a neutral platform need to assess whether new developments are of added value, without selling short on any new technology.

That is not an easy task and many companies in our network ask us for advice on how to select wearables worth the while. To keep track of the advancements in technologies worn close to, on or even in the body we devised a methodology based on trends watch. The result of that process we have made available in the shape of a TrendBook, a collaboration between TrendOne and ourselves.

The publication convers trends in these catagories:

  1. Advanced and smart materials
  2. Augmented vision
  3. Miniaturization
  4. Energy harvesting
  5. Flexible electronics
  6. Smart sensors
  7. Phygital products (physical & digital)
  8. Connected experience
  9. Connected health agents
  10. Self-tracking

The TrendBook is available as an e-book for $99 / €69 (direct download; Google Glass adapted) here.

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