News Roundup – March 2015

Unexpected and exciting news for wearable tech fans in this past month. It was a month full of events, Apple, Mobile World Congress and Baselworld 2015 and we covered them all!

But let’s start with some fashion related partnerships like the one between Italian fashion brand Gucci and singer who announced a smartwatch! The Italian fashion label will be working with,’s consumer product brand that specializes in fashionable technology. The device will be designed to be both a luxury fashion accessory and a piece of advanced technology.

Intel, Google and TAG Heuer also teamed up to create and Smartwatch. Google will offer the Android Wear platform,  the watch will be powered by Intel and the design will be entirely Swiss. Not much else was released about the watch so far and will will probably take a while until we see the first prototype.
This is still not enough news about the smartwatch industry for you? Check all  partnerships and news that have been happening at  Baselworld here.

Shortly before the Watch and Jewelry show in Basel, Apple organized another special event. At the event they unveiled more news about the long awaited Apple Watch including their $10,000 model. Still undecided about buying the Apple watch? Check our full review of the event here! It seems like the Apple watch was the trigger for most of the Swiss watch makers to partner and come up with their approach to smartwatches. Let the battle begin!

And of course as we are looking back at the month of March we can’t miss out on one of the world’s most important mobile event in Barcelona:the Mobile World Congress. The Wearable Technologies team was around and covered what happened there. The most interesting news came probably from HTC and their partnership with Valve unveiling a new virtual reality headset. The virtual reality headset runs by the name of Re Vive and has little light sensors studded throughout the headset for tracking your head as you move. But much more happened at the Mobile World Congress, so if you want to start making your early wish list for Christmas you should review all the gadgets that will be coming out later this year!

And what is happening in the startup scene? A lot of fashion project have been popping up lately like for example  the Indiegogo campaign of iShüu or the e-ink bracelet we selected  for our current gadget of the month. We never imagined that something as cool as this could exist, but then we found iShüu Technologies with their Volvorii Timeless Smart High Heel Shoe. The e-ink shoe can be controlled via a smartphone app to change colors and design patterns on the shoe. And for all you collectors out there that just don’t have room for millions of bracelets the Liber8 bracelet might be the solution! Like the shoe its patterns and designs can be changed via your smartphone.  And the best thing is: both companies will be at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Milan Fashion Edition on 29th of April.

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