Ten Sleep Wearables to look for in 2015

One face of smart technology that seems to get overlooked in 2015 is sleep tracking. While it certainly is not something that most people worry about, there are those that do, especially health professionals. It is the healthcare industry that is taking huge advantage of smart technology for mobile devices. Companion apps with the smart devices allow for real time access to information and sleep tracking is certainly a part of that. A person can see sleep patterns and other sleep vitals and information directly from their mobile device. The following is a look at ten sleep wearables that are on the market for 2015.



The first here on the list is the Neuro:On intelligent and smart sleep mask device. What the Neuro:On does is help and coach the user into having the most comfortable and optimal sleep that they can. What the mask does is employ light therapy which helps stimulate natural sleeping situations. A person can wake up and through the mask see a setting dawn.

The Neuro:On has a special sleep phase alarm that is designed to eliminate grogginess when a person wakes up from sleeping. The device is able to measure eye movement, sleep waves, heart rate, and muscle tension with complete accuracy. The Neuro:On also has the companion app which at the current time is said to be available for Android devices only. The Neuro:On is in pre-order mode at www.neuroon.com and is priced at $299.



Anybody who has ever had a dream wished that they had the ability to control it and feel like that they are in utter bliss. Lucid dreaming has been known to one of the keys to good sleep health. With the Luciding sleep device you will start the road to better sleep health. This product likes to say that it will help you to go to any dream that you like and dream any dream that you like. The key technology behind Luciding is electrical stimulation. An elastic band is placed around the head and it has electrodes that are embedded in it that spread evenly around the head.

These electrodes look at Rapid Eye Movement sleep and then electrically stimulate the frontal cortex which in turn lets the brain recognize that you are having a lucid dream. Luciding has a companion app which is BlueTooth capable and is also compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. It is here where you can go to the Dream Diary and the message boards and tell others about your dreams and then compare them with others. Luciding has not come out on the market yet but interested customers can go to their website at luciding.com and sign up for their online newsletter to get up to date information.



ActiGraph is a company that offers a variety of smart sleep technology but it is their sleep monitoring smart watches that they are most known for. The wearable that goes on the wrist keeps 24 hour real time data for sleep such as circadian rhythms, sleep/wake behavior, and ambient light intensity which is then used to calculate sleep data. ActiGraph is known throughout the world for their sleep monitoring technologies. ActiGraph also has a companion app that stores all of the sleep data and is called ActiLife.

The app has a full list of sleep data analysis and tools and is able to store the information through their cloud based system. Major sleep study and health organizations from all over the world use ActiGraph and their technologies. ActiGraph monitors can be found at various online outlets and at the company website. A monitor usually ranges between $225 and $275.



Fatigue Science RediBand

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Fatigue Science is a company that does their sleep study and analysis for sports coaches. One device that they help do that with is the Fatigue Science RediBand. The company preaches that optimal sleep practices are one of the keys to optimal sports performance in the field of play. The RediBand is a bracelet that a person wears and through the electrodes in the band are able to measure important sleep statistics.

Polysomnography is the study of sleep and the Fatigue Science Rediband has been tested to be 93 percent accurate to any and all polysomnography testing procedures and standards. The great thing about the RediBand is that it is non-invasive which means no electrodes are placed on the head or stays in a doctor’s office or hospital setting. A person will be able to get detailed reports and those reports can be accessed on any PC or tablet or any other mobile device. The Fatigue Science RediBand can be demoed by going to their website at www.fatiguescience.com.

FraSen Inc. Sleep Mask

Here we see the FraSen Inc. Sleep Mask which is another smart sleep mask that is designed to help a person to get optimal sleep anytime that they want to. This device has a smart computer engine that has sensors, speakers, and lights that are geared to help a person to get the deep sleep that we all wished to get each and every time that we fall asleep. The mask is designed to help a person relax as they are trying to sleep.

A companion app which is Android compatible then stores sleep information which can be accessed from anywhere and in real time. There is also an Intelligent Sleep Monitor and coach which keeps track of your sleep vitals and then sets a person on a proper sleep schedule. The company is currently working on making the FraSen app to work with iOS devices. It is BlueTooth 4.0 capable and has a micro USB connector. The FraSen Inc. Sleep Mask is in pre-order mode and costs $300 and can be purchased at www.frasen.io.



Sleep Image is another company who is in the business of providing top notch sleep science information. Very few pictures are seen of the measuring device here for Sleep Image but it is a small node that a person affixes to their skin when they sleep. The product is not in a pre-order or shipping mode yet but people can go to sleepimage.com and get information and sign a form to get on their email list. The company likes to pride itself in being able to offer a person clinical and medical grade sleep analysis. Sleep apnea is a major health problem that accounts for over $3 billion in health costs in the United States each year.

Sleep Image helps a person to diagnose if they have apnea like problems and how they can go about getting the problem fixed. They also offer sleep coaching which gives a person the information that they need so that they get optimal sleep anytime that they decide to get some rest and sleep. Sleep Image is all about making sure that people get the best sleep so in turn they can live a life that they can produce and most important be serene in. Sleep Image wants you to take control of your health and you can do just that with solid sleep patterns.



Sproutling Baby Monitor

The Sproutling Baby Monitor is an anklet that goes around the ankle of a sleeping baby so parents can measure their sleeping patterns. A smart sensor that is embedded in the monitor allows for a person to measure a baby’s heart rate, motion and position while sleeping, and temperature. There is a companion app where all of the sleep data can be seen in real time.

The Sproutling Baby Monitor will alert a parent when the baby is awake through the companion app and you will also be able to tell what mood that the baby is in. The monitor that is on the anklet is adjustable and simply grows as the baby gets older and starts growing. It is also encased in medical grade silicone and the band is washable and made of breathable material. The Sproutling Baby Monitor can be purchased from their company website at www.sproutling.com. Supply is out at the moment but interested consumers can sign up on their waitlist and be first in line when supply and availability resumes.


UP3 by Jawbone

The UP3 by Jawbone is more known as a smart fitness tracker but it also has the ability for smart sleep analysis and tracking as well. The device here is made of a high grade rubber material with sensors embedded in it that measure things such as heart rate, breathing rate and respiration, and Galvanic Skin Response. The device here has an Android and iOS compatible companion app and also has BlueTooth accessibility.

The Smart Coach on the app gives a person information pertaining to sleep such as REM sleep, light and deep sleep. The coach will then give you information about how you can improve your sleep which then in turn will help with the quality of your life and the production that you are able to produce during the course of a day. The Smart Coach will also help with food and eating habits and activity tracking data that is kept in real time. The UP3 by Jawbone tracker can be found at the company website for $179 and can also be found at various retailers online and throughout the world.



Garmin VivoSmart

The Garmin VivoSmart fitness tracking band is certainly very simple in design but has the functionality that you would want in a smart tracker. The VivoSmart has a smart sensor embedded in the band that has all of the industry trackers such as smart notifications, fitness tracking, goals, calories burned, heart rate, and even gives the person the time that it is. The VivoSmart also has sleep tracking ability and a person is able to go to the companion app to get real time data.

The companion app will work with both Android and iOS mobile devices. For sleep tracking, a person can go to the app to get the data and will get coaching on how to get optimal sleep. Garmin Connect is the app and you can track your goals and also compare data over certain periods of time. For only $149, the Garmin VivoSmart is certainly a good buy for all the things that it does. This is another device and product that can be found anywhere that fitness trackers and smart technologies are sold and they have a company website at garmin.com.



Withings Pulse Ox

Finally, here is the Withings Pulse Ox. This is another one of those simply looking wearables but what is inside of the device is what makes this product so desirable. It is engineered to keep track of smart sleep data and other vital data such as heart rate and fitness tracking. During the day the Withings Pulse Ox is able to keep track of the amount of steps that you have taken, the amount of calories that you have burned, and oxygen levels in the blood. Another good thing about the Withings Pulse Ox is that you can wear it how you want it. You can use an adjustable wristband or you can clip it to your belt. Either way, it is still able to function and give you all the measuring ability that you want. For sleep monitoring, use the wristband and the sleep analysis will begin.

It will be able to measure the amount of time that you have slept. It even goes in depth to tell you how much time you spent awake and the amount of time that you had in deep sleep and light sleep stages. The companion app is synced through BlueTooth and the companion app with work with both Android and iOS devices. You get a free app account when you purchase a Withings Pulse Ox device. Real time personal coaching comes with the app which will give you more information about optimal sleeping. It also has a long battery life at two weeks which then can be charged very quickly. The Withings Pulse Ox will set you back at about $149 but again you are going to get a high quality product.


Smart sleep monitoring is something that will only get more and more innovative as smart technology gets better and better. Still in 2015, sleep tracking is still very good and it is evident by the technology shown in these ten trackers. If you are a person who is curious and interested about how you sleep and wanting to know your sleep information, the best thing to do is look at these products or best yet talk with a health professional about them and others that may be out on the market.

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