Wearables for Elderly

We are all getting old and there is no way around it. We have already written an article WT for an aging population a while back, but with so many new products on the market it is time for a new update. In this article we talk about wearables that help elderly and their families with their everyday life.

Is your loved one old and leaving alone? No need to worry. Tempo can keep them safe and notifies you if something is wrong. It is worn as a wristband and aims to predict the early signs of ill health. You can now know your loved one heart rate at any given time and have the chance to prevent the worse.

The BodyGuardian Sensor performs cardiac ECG and rhythm monitoring. A body worn sensor allows individuals to remain active and independent while their heart and general health are being monitored. The patient data is wirelessly delivered to the Preventice Care Platform, a cloud-based mHealth platform that collects real-time data from devices and delivers information to physicians.

BeClose can also help you to look after your senior loved ones. A caregiver just places sensors around the house to track normal routine of your loved ones. To keep privacy for them no cameras are involved. BeClose can detect if a senior hasn´t gotten out of bed for a longer period of time or they skipped a meal and notify you by text, email or phone call when something is out of the ordinary.

Old people have tendency to fall and injure themselves. Active Protective can help them in this area. This smart garment detects a fall before we hit the floor. It uses 3D sensors to determine falls and crashes in progress, and then deploys wearable airbags in textile in order to protect our hips from braking. This might be a good thing to consider when hip fractures are so often in older population.

We all know old people are not really familiar with technology these days and most seniors don’t use a smart phone either. UnaliWear is great for that reason, there are no buttons to press you just have to speak to the device. From now on elderly can use it and feel independent at the same time. It is a wristband that gives you simple directions on how to get home and reminds you to take medication. It also provides you with On-call emergency Assistance. Voice activated assistance will connect you directly to an operator who will confirm if emergency assistance should be dispatched to your location. If you activate help and you don´t respond your emergency contacts or medical assistance will be contacted immediately, depending on the preferences you have set.

We hope these wearables can help you feel more comfortable leaving your family members home alone and keep them safe even when you are not with them.

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