Investigating Temperature

Now-a-days the weather is cliché to speak about, but important in deciding what clothing to wear. Instead, it is cool to analysis the temperature inside and around the body. WT | Wearable Technologies has researched ten different companies that monitor a person’s health by collecting body temperature data. The products vary from in the ear, to bio-stickers that are worn on the skin for people of all ages.

Cosinuss steps away from bio-patches to create an earable that records body temperature along with heart rate. Cosinuss measures core body temperature while resting or doing sports. They provide vital information to update the user on their physical and mental health. The earable can be adjusted to fit in your left or right ear, by simply twisting the ear bud around. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smart watch or phone and visualizes all data to their SaveXport application. Since Cosinuss is ready in your ear, they designed the earable to relay coaching information to your while you’re listening to music.  Cosinuss spoke abour their product at the WT | Munich Conference this past spring.

Raiing Tech is showcasing their temperature monitoring product with WT at Medica 2015. The iThermonitor delivers real-time temperature measurements to receiver via Bluetooth. When connected with Internet, the receiver automatically uploads temperature data to cloud storage; meaning that you can gauge the temperature from all around the house, at the same time. It is also perfect for children, or ill people. You simply put the iThermonitor on, connect it to your smart phone, and receive notifications when you temperature changes or it’s time to take medication. The monitor collects data every 4 seconds, thus providing you with nearly perfect accuracy.


Biovotion AG is a Swiss company that designed a wearable health monitoring armband. The armband works in combination with Biovotion Vital Signs Monitoring (VSM) application. Via Bluetooth with your smartphone, you can learn real-time information about your health during waking and sleeping hours. It is comfortable enough to wear all the time. Biovotion AG spoke a year ago at the 11th WT | Conference in Munich.


Looking for a new, sleek and practical phone case? Azoi created Kito a health monitoring phone case. Kito could be the perfect electronic accessory for you. There are 4 sensors located in comfortable finger positions, as well as an attachable barometer. The application is extremely user friendly, and can easily work for all members in your family. Of course, Kito does not replace the yearly check-ins with your physician; but it does offer you expert advice about your body in seconds. Unfortunately, it is not currently for sale. Yet, you can sign up for their email list to be one of the first consumers to purchase Kito!


Thin Film Electronics is a manufacturer of printed electronics. Just over a year ago they produced a unique sensing label for reading temperature, called Smart Labels. It is a small, flexible sticker that is imagined to be placed on temperature sensitive products being distributed over long distance, or in stores. Originally, the sticker needed a smart phone to record if the temperature is over the intended threshold. Now the sticker includes a screen to tell the user the real-time temperature of the product.


Scanadu has developed a system of sensors to measure, record, and provide accurate solutions to your spontaneous health questions. They have two devices. The first is Scanadu Scout that has collects data and analysis your vitals with a simple touch to your forehead. It also comes with a camera, so you can take photos of dermatology concerns to send to the cloud to receive a diagnosis and suggestions on how to handle it. The second product is Scanadu Urine, a urine test kit. It is designed specifically to assist people who are diabetics, seniors, pregnant women, and people who just began taking medication.


One day you’ll be telling your grandchildren that you use to take your temperature with a metal rod in your mouth; while sticking a smart patch thermometer into your grandchild’s armpit in order to read their temperature. Fever Smart was a highly successful Indiegogo campaign that is now ready for distribution. The technology works by placing a small, reusable electronic device to the disposable patch onto a person’s armpit. Then you place a small relay unit in the room. The wearable device sends raw data to the relay device which then sends the data to the application cloud all via Bluetooth. The application is user friendly and can collect visual data from all over the world. The application is a perfect way for you to stay in touch with your loved ones health no matter the distance. Fever Smart can also work to determine women’s ovulation phases, and determine early detection against Ebola. You can order Fever Smart today for $129.99.


Stemp is another smart temperature stamp. Stemp provides you with privacy, or the ability to share your physiological information with your doctor. It is specifically designed for use in children. They have received all appropriate funding’s through Indiegogo and recently was awarded the 2015 Everyday Health Award for Innovation and Health. You can pre-order Stemp today!


FDA approved HealthPatch by Vital Connect, is an all-in-one biosensor. Vital Connect is a smart, efficient health monitoring sticker. HealthPatch records continuous real-time data and shares that to the cloud. This long-term collection of data can personalize your healthcare experience in order to improve your daily habits.


Are you a new parent and need assistance measuring your newborns vitals? My Sensible Baby is designed to give you practical relaxation. You can customize the alerts to only tell you when your baby is overheating, too cold, or simply wants to be held. The battery will last up to 6 months, and the low energy radio signal ensures that your baby will not be harmed by this technology.


AiQ Smart Clothing is exhibiting at our 16th WT | San Francisco Conference in 2 days! AiQ differentiates from the other temperature monitoring wearables by acting as a seamless under shirt. Washable, and stretchable this shirt is useful as is measures your bio-data to analysis your workout status.

Wearables for health monitoring will change the future of healthcare. No longer will you need to sit in the emergency room for a small common cold. You can simply wear your health monitor and send the data to your physician, where they can prescribe you the necessary medication for you to recover quickly.

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