Light up your Halloween with Wearables!

If you are a crafty person that enjoys wearables and dressing up for Halloween, then here is the page for you. What’s better than celebrating Halloween with a unique interactive costume and terrifying house decorations? WT | Wearable Technologies features a few impressive wearable Halloween costumes that can turn all the tricks into techy treats.

In 2012, Morph Costumes released an app where you can use interactive images to hide behind your clothing. The idea is you want to have the eye balls on your shirt move. So you can cut the eyes out of your shirt, tape your iPhone in the new hole, and open the Morph Costumes app to play interactive moving eyeballs. They have a lot of cool products and costumes! Take a look if you want to impress folks this Halloween.

Tailly is a fluffy tail that wags when you are excited! Perfect for anime fans and people who wish they were a cat. Tailly is currently accepting crowd funding on Indiegogo. If you want to own this affective wearable computing product – that is also cute and flirty – support the Tailly team!

Similarly, Necomimi is a brain sensing and reacting headband created by Neurosky. It can sense your brainwaves to move the interactive Furby ears. Let’s say you are feeling flirty then the ears will turn and wiggle. The price is only $50, with an additional price for choosing your own ears (cat or devil)! It is so cool wearables that are now based off of your emotions!

If you are anything like my mother, then you enjoy making original and exotic Halloween costumes. WT has researched a few costumes that you can make with Instructables! Ever wanted to be an electroluminescence jellyfish? Now you can create a beautiful light-up skirt with the power of Arduino, LED lights and fiber optics! Seems to be less than $80, which is a lot cheaper and cooler than costumes sold at Party City. Here is the Jelly Fish Skirt link. 

If you have possession of a 3D printer than this instructable is perfect for you! You can print beautiful blooming flowers as a headband. This headband can be used for many diverse costumes. Perhaps you wish to be a forest fairy, a piece of marine life, or alien from the future. 3D printing is limitless! You can also use this Instructable for inspiration for your own costume idea.

Talk about taking a wearable camera to the next level. This functional wearable camera costume was created in 2011. Despite being extremely large, and probably super hard to sit in – you can take photos of your Halloween festivities! This costume has an LCD display, pop-up flash and a shutter release button for less than $50!

Perhaps you are the type of neighbor that enjoys tricking your Halloween go-ers than providing them with a treat. The Samsung Smart Things kit  worth $249.00 can improve your haunted house and personal security. You may buy it for decorations for Halloween, but end up using the Samsung kit for many years in the future.

WT | Wearable Technologies wishes you a safe and spooky Halloween! Have fun creating your own costume, whether you use technology or not. But you know light up costumes is so cool that they are more likely to win your towns costume competition.

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