Staying Nice And Warm!

Are you always cold or start freezing real fast? Don’t worry! We have prepared a collection of smart heating garments that will make your winter days warm and cozy.

Adaptive Textiles Technology with Active Cooling and Heating – or in short ATTACH – is a new project led by Joseph Wang, professor of Nano engineering at UC San Diego. The project was just granted the funds that will allow them to develop smart fabric that potentially could help cut heating cost by 15%. Learn more here.

EXO² produces heat therapy and heated clothing for different target groups. For example there are gloves for motorcyclists but also a variety of outdoor clothes. Have a look at their website to see their entire collection of heated garments.

Volt Resistance offers a variety of heated clothes. Particularly interesting are their working gloves that can make a big difference for all the people that have to work outside during cold winter months.
No more hot water bottles!

Venture Heat offers a heat therapy solution. Sounds like a great idea for a quick recovery, rehabilitation or just for keeping your muscles warmed up. You can heat up any part of your body. Neck and lower back pain can be relieved much easier now.
Gyde Supply Company developed a system that allows you the wirelessly control the heat within your clothes.

Thermogauge is an adapter and an app that allow you to connect more than one garment and control the temperature all over your body. That means no more cold feet and arms.

The Digitsole is a heated insole that can be controlled via your smartphone. It doesn’t stop just at warming your feet. It also tracks your steps, log the distance walked and measures the calories burned. You turn it on by simply taping on the screen. You can also adjust temperature in each shoe.

Wristify is a bracelet that can cool you off or keeps you warm. It’s a common sense that putting your wrists in the cold water makes your body cool down way faster. This diverse product can be worn in the summer as well as in the winter. It’s glows blue when it cools and orange when it keeps you warm. It uses waves of coolness or heat to activate the thermoreceptors on the surface of your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

So, although winter is already at our doorstep it doesn’t mean you have to be cold for the next few months!

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