The Best Wearable Camera for You !

Wearable Cameras record your experiences in a unique and first-person perspective. You can see yourself playing sports, interacting at parties and express your daily life. It is of great necessity to understand and know which features are available in different types of wearable cameras. It is important – as a consumer – to choose the best options for your lifestyle. Here are WT| Wearable Technologies recommendation for you.

GoPro HERO featuring HD recording capabilities with 5MP photos. Used for sports or an active life style camera
Pros :
– High-quality video
– Recording at either 720p at 60 frames per second or 1080p at 30 frames per second
– Good choice for both close and wide range shots
– Support up to a 32GB memory card
– Can record music, your voice or video narrative
– Waterproof design
– Convenient to use

– Too large and bulky to wear all day
– Low quality photos at 5MP
– Poor choice to take stills for long time activities such as climbing & hiking
– 150-minutes battery life

Price: € 107.02

The Narrative Clip is the most wearable camera which is very small and light in size. It can be an ideal option for your choice.
– Storage capacity of 4000 photos
– Two-days battery life
– Good choice for taking random life photos
– Comfortable and flexible to clip it onto our clothes
– Can share with friends and family via Narrative Cloud

– No video function
– Limited 8GB storage
– Cannot print photos because of the low quality

Price: € 243.61

The MeCam HD equipped both video and photo functions has a small design which is combined with the advantages of a GoPro and a Narrative Clip.
– Small and lightweight
– Can capture HD videos and still photos
– Ideal for selfies, group photos or distance shots
– Connect with your phone via wireless
– High-quality
– Suitable for recording pieces of life

– Only two-hours battery life
– Lack of waterproofing

Price: € 107.02

The Pivothead Kudu life camera is paired with sporty sunglasses. It is a perfect option for sports and other occasions where sunglasses are typically worn.
– Good quality for videos and photos under both low and high light condition.
– Featuring several modes including burst mode and time lapse mode
– Dedicated for filming sports and point-of-view video
– The sunglasses can protect your eyes while outdoors

– Only one-hour battery life
– 8GB of memory
– No mobile control

Price: € 178.37

Having a wearable camera means you never miss an important moment in your life time. We hope you can choose one which best fit with your purpose after reading our article!

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