Exhibitor Overview #WTUS16 Part 3: Sports & Fitness

In healthy San Francisco, it’ not only organic food that keeps you fit. Perhaps some of the following devices and solutions are something for you if you want to get back in shape for summer.

You want to focus on your performance – not on counting your sets? Then meet Rithmio at booth #404. Their latest product, Rithmio EDGE is an application that pairs with wearables to track gym workouts and measures progress. It can track reps, sets, and progress and you get the full report after your workout. Once EDGE knows your form, it can automatically recognize the exercise you are performing and logs resps as you go – event movements that are difficult to track with your smartwatch. Rithmio also licenses its motion recognition software to consumer electronics companies and fitness brands.

PulseOn offers world-leading optical heart rate (OHR) devices and solutions including algorithms, optimized power management and software integrations. Their OHR Tracker is an ODM device for customers looking for a white label solution with highly accurate HR/HRV and long battery life. It supports Bluetooth low energy and ANT+. The sensor solution can be designed directly into a product, and the PulseOn low power OHR sensor modules include all key HW needed: optical sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor for reliable and low-power off-hand detection, and a MCU to run the data acquisition and algorithms. The module supports several operating modes, from accurate continuous heart rate monitoring during intense sports to low power beat-to-beat heart rate variability monitoring during sleep,… Learn more at booth #213

Force Impact Technologies focuses on providing smart products for young athletes, to enhance their on-field experience, performance and safety. The FITGuard can detect severe concussions which is one of the most commonly reported injuries in team sports. It warns athletes to return to play when there is a high probability of head-injury. The device is a mouth guard constantly measuring sample rates of accelerations (linear and angular) and in the case of a critical impact, the LEDs change colors. Via app you can access the data and symptoms and interact with the device. Pre-order the device for USD 130 and talk to our WT | IWC finalists this year at #309

Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports and well-being, both for professional athletes and consumers. Their technology turns HRV data into personalized and actionable insights on exercise, stress and recovery. The feedback helps to perform better, make the correct training and coaching decisions, and to improve wellbeing and health. Firstbeat technology is integrated in a number of heart rate monitoring devices like Garmin, Suunto, and Samsung.

Clothing+ combines world-class sensor integration consulting, molding, welding, laser and die-cutting expertise, and design aesthetics to deliver a single, NPI-to-volume solution that is second to none. With their deep, interdisciplinary textile-integrated electronics expertise and powerful understanding of the market, Clothing+ can help your products to market faster. From design to production at scale. One of their key products is Peak+, a world-class heart rate monitor in one cohesive reference architecture: strap, shirt or sports bra.

HFT smart sensors enhances traditional natural and synthetic fibers based on the model of the human skin. The fibers can analyze sweat and give insights about salts, lactate, glucose, urea, creatinine, hormones, and DNA to improve your athletic performance. At #WTUS16 they will launch their latest innovation – stay tuned! #403

You want to have perfect sound on your bike and feel safe and sound at the same time? Babaali makes it possible with their smart helmets – not only for bicycle riders but also for ski and snowboard fans and workers. Taking a call on the go – no problem with integrated headsets. Clear sound: bone conduction technology makes it possible. The helmets also allow you to navigate and even monitor your heart rate or other vital signs and shows the environment when you go left or right with turn signals. Booth #105.

You are more into healthcare & wellness or look for the perfect lifestyle accessory for this summer? The WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 USA in San Francisco on July 12-13 will cover them it – not only in the exhibition area but also on stage. So do not miss the event and register now. More technical topics from the WT ecosystem will follow soon.

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