“We Help our Clients to Miniaturize” – Interview with Cicor Field Applications Engineer Rick Elbert

We are glad to welcome Swiss company Cicor at our WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2016 USA on July 12 in San Francisco. Speaker Rick Elbert is the US Field Applications Engineer for the company. The last 16 years, Rick has been working within the micro-electronics industry with projects ranging from miniaturized wearable devices to class III implants. Curious? Read our interview with him below:

Cicor technologies helps turning visions into reality. How can your company especially help wearable tech product makers?

Every technology competency of Cicor AMS is about miniaturization, it’s what we do. Our engineering teams working with our Wearable Tech clients to assist the design beyond the sensor element and then miniaturize it to a form factor that is best for the customer. We are equally well suited to work with startup and fortune 500 companies; with the ability to identify the needs of our clients and create an ideal solution catered to them.

You realized a very innovative contact lens for Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH. Can you explain what it is capable of and which target group it was built for?

The target market for the Implandata wearable is anyone that has a history with glaucoma or early indications of the disease. What’s exciting about this medical device wearable as well as most of the medical wearables is that it takes the patient out of the doctor’s office. Before this, a patient had to make an appointment to have the pressure within their eye checked, giving the doctor a reading at one point in time on one given day. Medical wearables are now allowing physicians to look at continuous data over days; allowing them to see patterns throughout the patient’s normal daily activities

What is your favorite wearable at the moment?

My favorite wearable right now is the FitBit Charge HR my wife gave me as a present. It has created some fun and sweaty competition on our house. As for medical device wearables, I am really looking the continuous glucose monitors to have a huge impact in diabetes care.

Interested in getting to know Rick and to learn more about how Cicor can help your company making better wearables? Make sure you don’t miss his speech on July 12 at our conference in San Francisco!

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