Wearable Tech Must Haves for Hoteliers

It is difficult to find a new way for standing out in the competitive tourism market. Many hotels are differentiating themselves by including wearables in their hotel services. It is a megatrend in 2016 that wearable technologies can well rewrite and reshape the travel experiences. We once featured wearables enhancing your travel experiences here. Yet, to cover all aspect of travel, today we are narrowing in on hospitality services.

TUI Smart band
The European tour operator TUI Group sent a trial of their TUI Smart Band to its flagship resort hotels in Turkey. The idea is to turn TUI Smart Bands into a guest’s room key, air-conditioning control unit and payment systems. This allows for easy contactless payment on services such as drinks, entertainment and fitness facilities. Additionally, the smart band is connected to the existing TUI My Holiday mobile application so you are able to monitor your spendings throughout your stay.

VIBs bracelet
Two hotels on the island of Ibiza have given guests the ability to use VIBs, also known as Very Important Bracelet. This smart bracelet is the product of the Tecnalia applied research centre. Similarly, VIB enables clients to access hotel rooms without the need for a key. VIB bracelet also allows you to make payment via PayPal system. Moreover, you can share experiences on social networks through the numerous tactile screens and receive completely personalised services, while guaranteeing privacy protection.

Qing is an RFID/NFC wearable payment and access management bracelet. They offer their solutions to hotels and resorts to connect with guests. Qing is expected to offer customized experiences and increases customer satisfaction. Qing provides fast and comfortable cashless managements. Qing offers new revenue streams and increased turnover for any hotel that uses their services. Moreover, with Qing hotels managers can easily track guests’ information.

Wearables are the gateway to offering the truly personalized and seamless experience that is simple to giving consumers what they want. As long as the benefits to them are made clear, including how their personal data will be used and safe-guarded, and a pretty ascetic, consumers are more likely to be excited to integrate with wearables technology during their holiday.

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