The Best Companions for Your Bike

Summer is a prime time for outdoor sports – extreme ones where safety is required. These days everything is smart! While the basic helmet keeps your cranium covered, a smart one can probably do more than that. It can improve your safety and offer an experience like no other. Below WT | Wearable Technologies focuses on smart wearables to protect cyclers.

Lumos provides a smart helmet which can make you stand out on the road with super bright white LEDs in the front and super bright red LEDs in the rear. Lumos provides the ability to signal on the smart helmet by featuring bright left and right turn signals, activated via a wireless remote on your handlebars. The Lumos remote is small, unobtrusive and water resistant. Additionally, the battery life lasts for a month and the Lumos helmet detects when you slow down and automatically turns all the rear lights bright solid red.

Lumos: A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet from Lumos Helmet on Vimeo.

Lumenus provides a smart jacket targeted at cyclists. The jacket pairs to an Android or iOS app that runs on Google Maps servers. The Bluetooth-paired processor uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to light up the LEDs on your shoulders with turn indicators or brake lights to tell drivers where you intend to turn. Lumenus provides all the turn by turn functionality you want from a GPS.

Babaali is a world leading helmet manufacturer. They have integrated a Bluetooth optical heart rate collector into the helmet for tracking your heartrate. The helmet is connected to an app that shows you your heartrate statistics. Another cool product from the same company is called Smart Construct Helmet. It measures your heart rate, speed, temperature, oxygen, VOC and pressure. For more information about the other selection of helmets, please visit their website.

Classon Brooklyness
Brooklyness is introducing Classon : The intelligent bike helmet that detects cars approaching in your blind spot. With the front and back camera, the information is interpreted by algorithm and communicated to you using visor interface. A non-disruptive light under the visor blinks in your peripheral vision as cars are approaching from behind. Light intensity is adjustable.

Moreover, it activates turn signals & brake lights based on your body movements because of gesture sensor.

You can now support Classon, as the smart helmet is live on Kickstarter.

Livall Bling Helmets
Last but not least is Livall cycling helmet. LED lights on the helmet keep other drivers aware that a cycler is on the road. Led Lights are controlled via a handlebar-mounted controller that is connected to the helmet via Bluetooth. Livall provides cool functions such as being able to answer or make phone call via Windbreak Mic and Bluetooth Speaker. Moreover, you can communicate via walkie-talkie function and additionally, all text messages get converted into a voice mail.

The wearable industry is taking over every aspect of the market. It is interesting to see how wearables totally change the cyclists’ experience by keeping wearers connected, interactive and safe. You can click here for more wearables for cycling. Stay tuned and keep on the road!

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