The Latest Wearables for The Equestrian Market

Racing horse is a challenging sport. Hundreds of racehorses are killed every year. As a result, a device for monitoring performance could help trainers avoid over –exertion and injury. In a previous article, WT | Wearable Technologies revealed some wearable health trackers for horses. Now in this article, we bring you updates!

NIGHTWATCH is the world’s first smart halter which is designed to alert you via SMS/text, phone call, or email at the early signs of equine distress. This revolutionary biomedical device monitors real-time data on your horse’s vital signs and behaviours, works across cellular and Wi-Fi networks, offers GPS tracking, uses wireless inductive charging. Additionally, it adapts to your horse over time as the system learns their unique and normal patterns and parameters. All technology is embedded within the padded leather crown of either a breakaway halter or safety collar. Each halter contains multiple sensors, state-of-the art processors, transceivers, rechargeable batteries, and other small electronics in a flexible water and dust-proof enclosure providing long-term durability, reliability and performance. Therefore, it allows you the ability to know your horse’s activity, motion, posture and location at all times.

Seaver is the first connected girth dedicated to horse performance and healthcare. It measures your horse’s heart and breathing rate, offering you real-time data to monitor its performance. Moreover, you can also analyse data for each session after each practice. In addition, the device lets you save and compare training sessions. You can playback your jumping path and strides. You can also measure vertical/horizontal jump height. Seaver helps to enhance traditional training methods for equestrian sports. Seaver girth is getting funded on Kickstarter!

Equimetre is also a smart device to monitor the wellbeing of horses. Equimentre is a sensor which fits onto the girth. It can monitor heartrate, respiratory rate and temperature. Besides, it also generates movement tracking metrics such as speed and acceleration. Environmental conditions like humidity is also under control. The sensor goes with companion smartphone or tablet app which generate comprehensive data for you to evaluate the stamina of the horse, compare fitness to other horses. Additionally, you are able to set up individual workouts. More interestingly, it can identify the risks of over training and detects emerging diseases. Equimetre is about to be launched in 2017.

WT | Wearable Technologies hopes that these clever wearable devices can go a long way to help trainers, owners to monitor the wellbeing of the horses.

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