New Ways For Monitoring Diabetes

A few months ago, WT published an article about diabetes. The facts are simple and the consequences are rapidly effecting today´s generation. The statistics published by International Diabetes Federation are astonishing and should be a warning to all people. You can   learn more about the numbers concerning some of the studies at, Modern Man Disease. Unfortunately, diabetes has no immediate cure. Thousands of people are diagnosed each day. There are many options for monitoring glucose levels; from old invasive and painful devices, to now non-invasive Blood Glucose monitoring devices. For diabetics that are interested in learn about new, noninvasive technology, keep reading for a short review of the latest trends.

DIA-VIT is a non-invasive glucose self-monitoring device. It measures the glucose level in your blood. Their smartphone app keeps a diary of your daily data, so you can track patterns in your fluctuation glucose level. By monitoring your condition, you are then able to be more aware of your condition.

SugarBeat is a non-invasive patch. It contains an electronic sensor that detects real time measurements. The patch is disposable and is about 1mm thick. Your glucose level is measured through the skin every 5 minutes. SugarBeat is connected to an app where also all the readings are forwarded.

GlucoTrack clippes to your earlobe in order to test your blood sugar level. The device contains 2 parts: Main Unit (MU) and ear clip. The ear clip doesn’t hurt, in fact it’s really simple. Just clip it on and tap-da! Your glucose level appears on the MU. GlucoTrack uses three independent technologies, simultaneously: ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal. All measurements are combined by a unique proprietary algorithm, which calculates the weighted average and returns the user’s glucose level.

Glucosense Diagnostics is developing a device to directly monitor blood glucose levels without the need to penetrate the skin. We will inform you more about the product as soon as the developers share more details with the world.

It is good to see that diabetes patients don´t have to go through painful procedures to monitor their disease. We hope less and less people will have to use devices that monitor and control their diabetes. Instead, it would be great to see folks using wearables to enhance their fitness and wellness to gain a healthy life style.


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