Wearables are Changing the Future of Games

What an impact Pokemon GO! Has made on the overall population of Americans. There are good and bad articles that are trending on the internet. The coolest news so far, is that the wearable is sold out, and not yet shipping!  This type of reaction to new tech is what WT is searching for. The gaming industry is vibrant and consistently engaging young and old folks. Of course, the industry would move into AR, VR and wearables are making it all possible.

The Pokemon GO Plus wearable is quite simple in fact. The reason for creating it is for users to be able to still play the game without looking at their screen. With Pokemon GO Plus you are able to catch Pokemon by throwing a Poke Ball. Whenever you are in range of a PokeStop, the wristable will vibrate and display an LED. You simply have to press the button and Wha-La you have a new Pokemon!

Another super awesome game that gets gamers onto their feet is SuperSuit by MadRat Games. Designer for children gamers, the SuperSuit takes the gamers into a Third Space. With the use of their SuperVest, SuperGlove and SuperBot you will have all the components to be a Superhero. There are 3 suits are different colors: blue, orange and purple. The player pretends they are battling bad guys and can play with their friends.  Parents can download the parental app to their smart devices to see how much activity your child receives while playing. I can see it now, the annual 4th of July BBQ with kids running around slaying demons as the parents chat.

MadRat SuperSuit at CES 2016 from SuperSuit on Vimeo.

If you are a Minecraft player, then this is the device for you. Gameband is a wristable that can keep you playing while you’re away from your computer. Once you receive Gameband, you plug it into your computer, launch the Gameband App, launch Minecraft and backup your Worlds onto the Gameband’s servers. Now you can carry your Minecraft to any device! Better make sure your boss isn’t watching. A fun aspect about Gameband is the ability to hack it and make your own LED animation. Unfortunately, the Gameband Diamond ($79.99) is sold out, but Gameband Redstone ($49.99) is available.

Ever wanted to be a Titanfall 2 Piolet? Now you can! The Titanfall 2 Vanguard Edition was released about a month ago. The package comes with a fullsize helmet, dogtag USB, notepad, and more. The face plate glows blue (just like the piolets in the game) yet still allows for the wearer to see out. There are 2 attachments: simulated laser eight and a spotlight. You can buy it here.

March 3, 2017 is when OSSIC X will be on the market. Combined with HTC, OSSIC is the future of 3D audio. The headset has head tracking and a multi-driver array of speakers. This way no matter where your head is in space, you can hear sound as if you had no headphones on. You can plug OSSIC X into a computer, gaming console, or VR headset.

The world is quickly changing. Wearable tech can be assistive as well as entertaining. At this time, it seems like gaming is jumping to the forefront of consumers’ attention. It is already so great to see people outside freaking out about Pokemon, but there is space in the industry for more disruption. Just have to wait and see what secret games are being created behind the scenes.

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