How to Solve Pain, an Interview with Hivox-Biotek

Pain ranges in places and strength. The complexity of pain has resulted in a handful of solutions, however there aren’t many options for people who want a non-invasive and medicine-free option. That is, until now. Hivox-Biotek has created several “stickable” devices that can minimize your pain. We will dive a bit deeper into what Hivox-Biotek is doing to change lives. Yet, if you would like to demo their products, be sure to stop by their booth at the WT | Show MEDICA 2016 November 14-17th.

How is Hivox-Biotek changing the future of Healthcare?

It all based on our slogan “Innovation for better living”.  We focused on the most common health issue, “Pain”.

There are more than 70% of people living with pain all over the world. So we dedicate to create products that can easily be used for everyone in order to improve people’s living quality.


What products do you offer? What do they do?

Painpad: TENS machine for Pain Relief

Spopad: EMS for Muscle Training


Why does Hivox-Biotek create biomedical electronics in the form of wearable technology?

Traditional medical device were too heavy and complex that can only use in certain environment. Wearable is not the word we meant to be at the very first time. We just want to create a smarter and smaller device that can help everyone to deal with their daily problem anywhere, anytime.


Why are you excited to exhibit your work at the WT | Show MEDICA 2016?

WT | Show MEDICA 2016 is a great union that combines all the best wearable medical products together. We can show our best idea to the whole world through the show.


What is your favorite wearable?

Our very own : Pennypad

Thank you Hivox-Biotek for sharing your work. See you at MEDICA 2016 to learn more about how the healthcare industry is being disrupted by wearable tech.

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