The Smart Hats

While most activity trackers come in the form of wristbands or smartwatches, there are also activity tracker devices that sit on your head like a normal hat. They are smart caps which are developed to overcome the limitations of monitoring technologies.

Each SmartCap is a piece of headwear that is fitted with a sophisticated removable sensor. It is a fatigue monitoring tool for drivers or operators of heavy vehicles that provides real-time measurements of fatigue based on direct physiological measurements rather than estimation. The SmartCap is capable of reading electrical brain activity (EEG) and processing that information to determine an individual’s fatigue level. The data is transmitted from the SmartCap to an in-cab display via Bluetooth.

The lifeBEAM smart hat is an intelligent choice whether you go for a run, play sport or even go hiking. Why? Because lifeBEAM is a wearable fitness tracker which can measure your heart rate, cadence and calorie consumption, then transmit your performance to your favourite smartphone app or fitness watch. The optical heart-rate sensor is seamlessly integrated into the hat, therefore, there is no chest strap required. Another impressive thing is the long battery life of 17 hours of continuous use.

LifeBEAM smart hat also comes as the LifeBEAM smart visor which is exclusively for women.

Spree Smartcap
The Spree Smartcap is a revolutionary on-the-go fitness monitor. Spree uses biometrics with medical grade technology to measure heart rate, movement and body temperature. It syncs with your smartphone to track your workouts, showing the progress toward your fitness goals in real-time. Using a plethysmograph, Spree measures heart rate with a non-visible light that views the change in the size of blood vessels through the skin. Moreover, Spree is designed to streamline your workout so you get closer to your goals faster and making calorie counting easier. A plus for Spree is that you can customize your look with both the SmartCap and Headband.

At around $100, the smart hat is relatively less expensive than some wristbands and smartwatches out there that mostly offer the same features. The crucial point is that the smart hat offers a new way for active people to track their stats by wearing a hat that looks like a normal baseball cap, but offers all of the features of a pricy fitness wearable

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