An update on smart shoes

The innovations of wearable technology quickly moved into a wide variety of sports. Even so, running is still the sport that´s longest associated with consumer-level wearables. Usually, gadgets like fitness-trackers and smartwatches to track all kinds of data are worn on the wrist, but in 2016 we’ve seen special smart shoes overtake this function. Shoes make standing, walking and running more comfortable and efficient. Let me introduce you in the most interesting smart shoes.


In cooperation with iFit, AltraRunning is the ultimate gadget in running technology. Altra IQ is a new wave of smart running technology, giving you running intelligence while moving. This smartshoe runs with a virtually undetectable sensor embedded right in the shoe´s midsole, and paired with iFit technology. Users get real-time coaching and feedback to improve and streamline their running technique. The IQ measures and coaches you on important facts like cadence, landing zone, impact force/balance and contact time, as well as the usual metrics like pace, distance and many more. The shoe links to iFit smartphone app, which compiles all this data. The app shows if you´re landing harder on one foot and whether impact concentrates on your heel rather than the mid foot or toes. Check out how it works.


IOFIT is the world’s first smart golf shoe which helps you improve your golf game. It measures the most important metrics in golf like balance, pressure distribution and weight shift information. Furthermore, it highlights your mistakes and shows you ways to improve via a smartphone app. Users can compare and compete with friends to maximize fun! The shoe’s waterproof sensors are designed to detect slight changes in the pressure distribution in a matter of milliseconds. This shoe can communicate with users via Bluetooth through their iOS or Android app, which includes optional video-syncing capabilities, a professional swing library, and many other features to help track progress. The shoe even allows you to send your analyzed data and videos to peers and coaches.


Hype8 Kicks are the first ever truly connected shoes integrating Lucie Labs technology to offer an incomparable experience. With this smart shoe you can experience the best of breed interactivity, creativity and performance. Users are able to control their smart shoe from the smartphone and stand out. Hype8 Kicks generally have three main functions. When driving in the night Hype8 Kicks provide assisted navigation. With special vibrations the shoes show you the way. With hyper personalization you can choose the color, rhythm and order of lightning. Enhanced experience makes it even possible to vibrate and light up to the rhythm of the music. Check out which other functions these futuristic shoe got.

Digitsole Smartshoe

The Digitsole SmartShoe 001 claims to be the first connected, interactive, heated and shock absorber shoe with automatic tightening. Wearers can precisely measure and control the trainers’ temperature using their smartphone. They can also keep track of how far they’ve walked and how many calories they’ve burned. If you input your height and weight data, you can customize the shoes further. All communication between the smartphone app and the shoe is handled via Bluetooth 4.0 and works with IOS and Android phones. You can check the distance walked along with calories burned in both outdoor and indoor environments. You can also save your race track or your walking route. It is the first fully functional and connected tightening system for footwear. Above all, its futuristic appearance makes it a very exciting product.

The innovations of Smart shoes from the wearable market still stands at the beginning, however, we already have some interesting developments. It remains exciting which new products will come on the market during the coming years and which functions they will have.

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