Wearable Tech Styling Tips

Gone was the time when one has to make a hard choice between functionality and fashion. The rapid development of technology has open many doors where fashion marvellously blends into functionality. The current market offers various choices for fashionable accessories both in terms of styles and performance that are suitable for most situations and events. Here’s our top wearable tips for tech-savvy fashionistas under circumstances.

Aries from Ringly is highly recommended to you when you are going on a date. This smart bracelet is gold-plated and feature a range of semi-precious stones. Behind a gorgeous and famine look, this is the smartest bracelet ever. It’s also a fitness tracker which can track your steps and monitor your calorie. Moreover, the battery life can last two or three days

How about a wearable tech engagement ring for your bride? Luxury wearable wedding tech which can record all your best memories has truly arrived. Think of 50 years from now, and it has your proposal and your wedding vows and your baby being born and your saying. 50 years later, you can actually hand it over to your beloved and say “everything is in here”.

Business trip
An Apple watch with a wide variety of watchbands and release two versions, including one that’s a bit slimmer is a perfect match although you are on a business trip. Additionally, there’s speaker and microphone on the watch which allows you to make a business call. Moreover, it stores credit card information with a tap, you can pay your hotel bill. Besides, the new series of Apple Watch improved with internal GPS. The increased water resistance and brighter display are nice additions, too. However, it also a good fitness tracker.

Disco night
Fitbit Flex 2 is a slim, swim –proof fitness which can automatically track all-day activity, exercise and sleep. The special point is that it can transform by hiding inside bangles, bands or pendants, therefore you can also transform from an office lady to a queen at disco night.

Picnic day
When it’s picnic day, you will need Garmin Fenix 3. With a sporty style, Garmin Fenix is a perfect choice for an outdoor day as picnic. In addition, it allows you to monitor your heart rate, calories burned and to help you quantify the intensity of your fitness activities. Moreover, it is featured a 1.2-inch sunlight-readable Garmin Chroma Display™ protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and PVD-stainless steel bezel with built-in EXO antenna with GPS/GLONASS reception.

Technology has taken a leapfrog to join fashion, which makes our lives much easier when we do not have to wonder whether we prefer good tech or good look.

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