Wearable Devices for Women and Pain Treatment

The MEDICA show attracts more than 130,000 visitors and over 4,800 exhibitors every year. And in 2016, with nearly 40 exhibitors from 15 different countries the WT | Wearable Technologies Show is as international and comprehensive as never before. Our co-exhibitors cover a wide range of medicine topics. Today we would like to introduce you to the most interesting wearables for women and pain treatment.


Livia is a new pain management device made for women. It tunes into the wavelength frequency of your menstrual pain and blocks the pain from registering in your body. It’s safe, proven, and well, pretty amazing. Livia is the off switch for your menstrual cramps and a drug-free solution for menstrual pain. With one single touch, the tiny device closes the “pain gates” by stimulating the nerves and blocking the pain from passing to the brain. No more pain, no more pills.

Beijing iKangtai Technology aims to empower female reproductive health with recently developed Internet of Things and Big Data Technology. Their leading product is called Shecare Fertility Tracker, which is a smart basal body temperature thermometer enhanced with Bluetooth Connection with smart phones. It can identify a woman’s fertile days based on Fertility Awareness Methods and help the user get better knowledge and control of her fertility.

Color Seven is specialized to develop and manufacture medical devices with new concepts to treat and prevent the diseases that hard to be treated by medicine and surgery. They developed the world’s first “Skin Adhesive Color Light Therapy” technology and its result is the “Dysmenorrhea Treatment” medical device. Their main product Women Stress Free is a low level light therapy medical device which will help women suffering from dysmenorrhea and PMS.

Raiing Medical’s technology provides continuous and remote body temperature monitoring solution to both consumer and clinical markets. Raiing´s goal is to create an ecosystem based on the open platform of hardware and software, and to collaborate with health IT innovators to integrate its technology into solutions for providers, payers, pharmaceutics and consumers. Raiing is the member enterprise of Microsoft Ventures as well as Harvard Innovation Lab.

Carin is a product of the design-tech start-up LifeSense Group that started as a spin-off of an independent R&D center Holst Center/Imec in the Netherlands. In cooperation with health professionals, Carin was tested by over 100 women with urine loss. Their opinions guiding developments such as the size and shape of the sensor unit as well as the location for wearing it; we’ve created something so small that you forget you are wearing it.


Pain treatment

Evomed is committed to providing the Australian healthcare sector with new and innovative medical solutions from around the world. Their vein illumination technology and innovative non-contact thermometers are now used by hundreds of facilities across Australia. On MEDICA they will present their product PAINmate, a completely wire free, light and portable TENS device that provides fast, targeted relief. It is no bigger than the size of a hand and fits comfortably under the clothes. It is ideal for back, shoulder, neck, hip and knee pain.

Based in Taiwan, Hivox Biotek produces and market patent medical and healthcare products to improve consumers’ quality of living. HIVOX’s products originated from the concept of ‘Bioinformatics”, that is, by incorporating life sciences with electronic technology, all our products can detect and analyze many biological properties, enabling users to perform self-testing and self-treatment at home. Their latest products are Snore Stopper, Dreamate for sleeping management and pennypad for pain management. Their products all come with the highest quality certificates.

Here you can find some impressions from the previous years and our confirmed co-exhibitors 2016. Next time we would like to show you wearable solutions to treat special diseases.

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