Wearables to Treat Special Diseases

Fighting special diseases like asthma, epilepsy or diabetes with wearable technology is made possible by our co-exhibitors at MEDICA-Show 2016. Some of our exhibitors from 15 different countries offer monitoring solutions designed for special diseases, which will be presented at WT | Wearable Technologies Show at MEDICA 2016. Here are some of the most interesting products.

Wear Health provides a unique solution to sustain the overloaded health care system. Their passion is to maximize global health, enabling machines to think and come up with smart solutions. The platform PHA addressed people suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Renal Insufficiency and was based on multi-parametric sensor data processing. Through sensor data from wearables, CHRONIOUS Intelligence detects any sign of abnormal health and generates alerts. The collected data is notified to the healthcare providers by a dedicated and secure web platform.

Empatica develops wearable devices with clinical quality sensors and a super passionate team from diverse engineering fields, such as sensor design, electrical, DSP, data science, biomedical, and software development. They design and develop the world’s smallest and most accurate wearable devices for medical research of human behaviour in daily life. E4 is used in 30 countries around the world and its clients are the most respected hospitals, universities, and companies that use it for advanced research of human behaviour. The E4 provides the most sophisticated way to monitor autonomic nervous system disruption and heart rate variability, using a set of 5 sensors.

Vivalnk is a platform for wearable devices, apps, clouds and data services. Founded in 2014, Vivalnk is a Silicon Valley Telehealth start-up. Their mission is to help people gain more insight into human health and well-being by providing data and information through our technology that would otherwise be hard to achieve. With eSkin™ technology, they created a platform for wearables, apps, and data services for continuous vital monitoring. At MEDICA-Show 2016 they will be displaying their product Fever Scout that is a soft, wearable, stick on thermometer that continuously updates parents/caretakers of their child/patient’s temperature.


112 Motion offers monitoring solutions, both the hardware, via our partners, and the software. Their focus is on patients with chronic diseases, such as epilepsy, and vulnerable people, such as ‘elderly’ people. Early on, their focus has been the Internet of Things and they have the expertise to add additional software to IoT devices. Using state-of-the-art technologies such as distributed databases, parallel processing and in-memory transactional data sources, we’re able to process and distill huge volumes of data, applying complex rules and workflows, turning data into actionable information.

Health Care Originals, Inc. (HCO) is an upstate New York start-up commercializing patented University of Rochester technology. HCO develops products for the management of chronic respiratory diseases. HCO’s first product, ADAMM, with its three-part solution comprising of a wearable, smartphone app and web portal, will benefit the 300 million people globally who have asthma. ADAMM provides Intelligent Asthma ManagementTM —automating management, increasing adherence and identifying precursor symptoms much earlier – giving caregivers peace of mind and improving asthmatics’ quality of life.

Here you can find some ideas from the previous years and our confirmed co-exhibitors 2016. Next time we would like to show you wearable solutions specially designed for first-aiders.

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