Wearables for Construction Workers

According to Rackspace, wearables can increase workplace satisfaction 3.5% and productivity an astounding 8.5%. In fact, 48% of American adults see direct workplace benefits from using wearable technology. If you are looking for wearables that can improve your construction workers’ level of work satisfaction and overall productivity, here are our suggestions.

DAQRI Smart Helmet
The DAQRI Smart Helmet is a perfect choice for you. It lays out work instructions right on their visor, so you can see exactly what needs to be done in the context of your visible workspace. The helmet also supports a 360 navigation camera with HD video recording, photography, 3D mapping. It provides the potential for data mining, compliance optimization, and maintaining construction records is limitless. It helps workers connect the importance of their current task to the overall job.

Redpoint Safety Vests
The Redpoint Safety Vests are must-have piece of construction gears. The GPS integrated on safety vests allow to help workers at their specific geo-targeted location. Moreover, employees carrying the Redpoint badges are instantly alerted when entering pre-defined danger zones on jobsites. Furthermore, actuators can be triggered to slow or deactivate heavy equipment when badges enter within a specific radius. With employees that are constantly on the move, managers can capture location data to understand potential bottlenecks, issues, or inefficient and optimize time management to drive down production costs.

XOEye Smart Glasses
Managers can now monitor their workforce to ensure they’re being productive with XOEye Smart Glasses. These smart glasses are equipped with a camera wired to the internet. Thus, construction professionals can effectively communicate back and forth to accomplish a task. Additionally, the glasses can also be used to scan in data like bar codes.

XOEye Technologies from XOEye on Vimeo.

Myo can bring many benefits to construction workers. It is a handy wristband. Myo reads users’ arms gestures to turn your hand into controller for a slew of different devices. In conjunction with smart glasses like Epson, Google Glass to take pictures, communicate with co-workers, and mark off task items. This kind of gesture control makes perfect sense for construction workers who are constantly on the go and can’t afford the time to remove gloves or drop equipment in order to operate other computing devices.

Bionic Exoskeleton Suits
Last but not least, the world’s first bionic suit is created to aid construction workers in lifting heavy loads and reduce the risk of injuries from muscle strain. There is no battery required because the suit is entirely analog. Along with this new suit fatigue from heavy tools and injuries from poor lifting techniques, back injuries could very well become a thing of the past.

There are many wearable devices that bring more advantages to construction workers by focussing on innovating existing gears. Were there wearable options that we missed? Don’t hesitate to share with WT | Wearable Technologies construction wearable devices that you particularly enjoy.

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