New Line of Colored Compounds for Wearable Devices

WT | Alliance member Cri-Tech Performance Materials announces a new product line of colored fluoroelastomer compounds, expanding on the materials they currently supply to the wearables market. Developed specifically for wearable devices and offering a high degree of customization, these compounds will enable customers to design durable, comfortable colored wristbands, straps, and components to connect wearable technologies to the human body.

Cri-Tech has been supplying high-performance elastomers for automotive and aerospace applications as critical seals and gaskets in harsh chemical, high-temperature environments for over 40 years. Traditionally limited to these markets, fluoroelastomers are increasingly becoming a proven choice for wearable technologies. “The same unique properties that allow these materials to excel in extreme conditions also provide improved comfort and broad chemical resistance in wearable applications, including resistance to skin oils and substances that can degrade or discolor other materials,” said Bob Berg, Cri-Tech’s General Manager. Fluoroelastomers are twice as dense as other commonly used wristband materials, which provides both a more luxurious look and feel for high-end smartwatches and increased durability and comfort for performance fitness trackers.

“We are excited by the growth opportunity in the wearables market and the diversity of applications being developed. To support consumer devices, we have made significant investments in color development and cleanliness to ensure that we provide our customers with contamination-free materials in any color,” said Peter Asiello, Cri-Tech’s New Business Development Manager. Cri-Tech is continuing its heritage as a custom compounder by working closely with customers to understand the performance criteria and market trends for wearable devices to provide solutions that are both functional and fashionable. Select compounds have been determined to be non-cytotoxic according to ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing by an independent certified laboratory. ISO 10993 irritation and sensitization testing is currently in progress to further demonstrate the safety of these materials and meet industry expectations.

Cri-Tech will also join us at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco on July 25-26. So do not hesitate to contact them for an on-site meeting to learn more about their product range.

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