WT | Picnic – Worldwide Networking Event

Do you need an “excuse” to leave the office but still pitch it to your boss like you will be working? We got the right event for you. The WT | Picnic is around the corner to bring together the local communities and tech enthusiasts and learn more about the innovations and companies in your area!

The networking event happening around the world through the entire month of May is free of charge and will give you a lot of insights about the technology that is around you or that will come in the near future (it will be like watching the new Blade Runner movie but for free).

Switzerland, the country with the best chocolates and the luxury watches it is also known for hosting not only 1 but 2 WT | Picnics! On May 15th in Zurich (Event Sold Out) and May 17th in Neuchatel, a great line-up of different startups will gather to present their latest innovations in wearable tech! Big thanks to our partners CSEM for putting up together such great events!

Following Switzerland is Germany, here the WT | Picnic will take place in Munich (home of the famous Oktoberfest!) and of course there will be beer, startups, wearables, and friends. Register here to attend the event on May 18th. The event is taking place thanks to our cooperation partners from Wayra Deutschland!

On the same day but in a different time frame, the California city of L.A will host as well their own Picnic. The city of the walk of fame and the movies will talk about wearables on May 18th. 

If you are in sunny and hot Spain, in Gaudi’s city, be ready on May 29th because the WT | Picnic is arriving in your town! Thanks to our cooperation partner Mobile World Centre you will be able to enjoy an afternoon full of fun. Register here to attend!

From a hot place to another one where it is starting to be cold….Australia! If you are around Melbourne trying to spot some kangaroos or just trying to go to the Great Ocean Road…make at stop first at the breakfast that will take place in Melbourne on May 30th. Supporting this event is our cooperation partners Wearoz.

Next stop is Milan, the city of fashion, so we won’t expect less than beautifully designed wearables, and luxury brands! Save the date, May 31st will be a day full of networking. Such a fancy event wouldn’t be possible without the cooperation of FabriQ.

Closing the list is Taipei. The edition of the WT | Picnic in Taipei will take place in line with the Computex Taipei, the B2B ICT/IoT trade show at the AiQ booth. May 31st is the date where visitors and technology enthusiasts will gather to talk about the future innovations.

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