4 Wearables to Fight Migraine


Migraine is a chronic, crippling neurovascular disorder, defined by barrages of serious headache and dysfunctioning autonomic nervous system, concerning 15% of citizens in developed countries. It is one of the most underestimated and immobilizing diseases in the planet and costs nearly 111 Billion Euros each year in Europe alone. In the United States, an estimated 37 million people suffer from migraines.

Wearable tech manufacturers are producing various wearable devices to fight migraine. Some of these devices are aimed at warning people of an impending migraine attack and some are meant to ease the pain. We have created a list of 4 wearables that will help you fight migraine. Please read below.

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Migraine X. MigraineX is a pressure-regulating earplug manufactured by Cirrus Healthcare Products. It is especially designed to slow down the pressure as it enters the middle ear. The earplug is a slight adaptation from the company’s Earplanes product, but it is better calibrated for pressure changes at a ground level, thus ideal for those suffering from weather-related migraines. This reusable plug accompanies a free app. The app provides the user with a 7-day forecast of weather that may potentially trigger migraine. The earplug is available over-the-counter and costs only $12.

Cefaly. The Cefaly headband works by sending mild electrical pulses to the wearer’s forehead to the location known as trigeminal nerve, the main area where migraines start. This method is called neurostimulation. A range of studies have shown it can help ease headaches and migraines. Cefaly does both treatment and prevention. Those who suffer migraine regularly, can wear it daily to prevent migraine triggers. The device is better because it doesn’t have any side-effects like painkillers.

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Prolivio. Prolivio is a hyper-cooling headband that helps wearers track impending migraine triggers via a smartphone app. According to the company, the device was designed by migraine sufferers to relieve the most debilitating migraine symptoms. The device provides cooling relief simply by the touch of a button. Studies have shown that cold therapy significantly eases migraine pain. Users can control the temperature of the headband on the headband itself or by using a smartphone.

Migraine Hat. Another cold therapy, but it comes in the shape of a hat. It provides quick cooling and soothing relief when worn. The hat contains 2 reusable ice packs. The device can be adjusted to provide tight or loose pressure on the pressure points. It nicely contours to your head and stays securely in place.

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