Run Angel – Personal Safety Wearable Designed to Keep Women Safe

run angel

Run Angel is a personal safety wearable that looks much like a watch. It is a safety aid aimed at keeping joggers, cyclists and hikers (especially women) safe. The device emits a very loud alarm to attract attention in an emergency.

The run angel app gives peace of mind to family & friends who are alerted via SMS & email, showing the date, time and location of the wearer when their run angel is activated.

How to set up Run Angel?

You just have to follow a few steps to make the device start working:

  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play.
  • Create your run angel profile. Add a mobile contact to validate your account. Invite up to 3 loved ones to your guardian network. These are 3 people who will receive notifications if you sound your personal alarm.
  • Charge your run angel with the USB micro lead provided. Power the device. Tap the connect button and then tap the serial number for pairing.
  • Hold down the small button for two to three seconds to switch on or off. Press the center button to activate the alarm. Press the on/off button to deactivate the alarm.
  • Charge the unit. Turn off the device, remove sound unit and then charge via USB cable provided. After charging reinsert unit by matching USB port and snap unit into place ensuring snug fit around center button.

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run angel

When activated run angel emits a very loud hi-pitch alarm. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy to enable communication between the wearer’s device and smartphone in real time.

Run Angel doesn’t just make loud noise, it also flashes SOS in Morse code, visible at night.

It also sends text messages and emails to designated guardians detailing your exact position if you have an accident.

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De-activating the alarm can be done by pressing a small button on the edge of the strap. You can also deactivate the alarm using the app if you have your phone in hand.

Run Angel can be activated on its own in case you forgot to bring along your phone while jogging. In this case the device will only sound alarm but won’t send information to your guardian network.

The device runs on a rechargeable battery and takes only 2 hours to fully charge it. The battery life is good and the device can be easily powered down when you’re not using it.

CAUTION. Run Angel is a not a waterproof wearable gadget, so it shouldn’t be worn in the shower or swimming. However, the device is sweat proof.

About the developers

Run Angel is designed and manufactured in Ireland and the UK. The company was founded in 2013 by husband and wife team David & Ellen Caren.

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