Cosinuss One Now Provides You New Possibilities with Update for Swimming

Cosinuss One fitness tracker underwater

Until now, Cosinuss One was available for using onshore, but now you can use this in-ear device while you’re in water.

Cosinuss has improved the device for using while swimming because of the importance of measuring vital parameters during swimming training. You can now use Cosinuss one for:

  • Monitoring your heart rate
  • Measuring your acceleration data
  • Increase your performance

Cosinuss, the Munich, Germany-based company, develops mobile health solutions together with innovative In-Ear Wearables. Cosinuss is exhibiting at the WT | Wearable Technologies Show 2018 MEDICA on November 12-15.

It’s easy to measure heart rate for sports activity on the ground, but it can be difficult while swimming.

The state-of-the-art technology is delivered in the form of a chest strap that can measure your heart rate while you’re underwater.

Cosinuss One fitness tracker underwater

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It is very important that the strap fits perfectly on your chest, otherwise it’ll deliver incorrect values. This is a big problem because the strap doesn’t provide perfect fit for everyone, especially for male swimmers. This is because male swimmers do not wear the extra piece of swim suit. Cosinuss One perfected it by creating a wearable that fits everyone.

To check their device, the company used their trainee Astrid and measured her performance during breaststroke and crawl. The primary goal was to receive sensible data.

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The tests took place at Cosinuss’ partner ELEMENTS Fitness und Wellness, a modern fitness and wellness studio in Munich. Every morning three times a week Astrid went to the studio.

The area of application for monitoring vital parameters is not only for competitive sport, it could also be used in healthcare. For example, in aqua-fitness for obese patients the heart rate is an important indicator of health. If heart rate exceeds the person must stop exercising immediately to avoid health risks. Cosinuss One in-ear sensor could be a good solution for a reliable monitoring of this condition.

Advantages of using Cosinuss One

  Measuring heart rate Ease of use Continuity Precision Acceleration
Traditional method + +
Chest strap +
Cosinuss One + + + + +

Next update

According to the company, the next update will be about data storage without a terminal device. So, a modified Cosinuss One could be used for all performances in water, providing a new dimension for fitness and competitive sport.

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