Kopin Unveils World’s First Voice-Controlled AR Headset

Kopin golden-i infinity voice control

Kopin, speaker at several past WT | Wearable Technologies Conferences, has revealed a voice and gesture-controlled AR headset dubbed Golden-i Infinity. The infinity smart screen supports Android and Windows 10-based computing solutions.

Kopin Golden-i Infinity is intended as an enterprise level device that can interface with existing hardware to deliver a small and affordable solution to workplace AR integration. A user can transform any suitable eyewear into an AR display by simply attaching this smart screen to that eyewear. The AR display can provide valuable data while being connected and powered by a smartphone. This makes the device stay small (weighing 1.5 ounces) and off-load unnecessary components while keeping it all within the attached smartphone, leveraging that hardware via a USB-C cable.

What sets Golden-I Infinity apart from the rest of the wearable display solutions targeting enterprise users is its inborn design and noise-robust voice user interface. The device doesn’t need any sort of tapping, touching or swiping, it is controlled simply by voice.

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At workplace workers can use Golden-I Infinity to view repair documents for field service, access schematics in manufacturing, view utility and energy information, collaborate with remote experts and more. In addition, the device boasts nine-axis head tracking with stabilization, three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. This sophisticated tracking system estimates the effects of the earth’s magnetic field on the user’s geo-position and movement of the head – providing unparalleled tracking accuracy for applications that call for incredible precision.

Kopin golden-i infinity voice control

The Golden-i Infinity features a 854×480 resolution micro display with a 20-degree field of view and voice-controlled zoom, and can work at up to 2,000 nits in outdoor use. The device also features an embedded 13-megapixel camera, microphones and speaker which can allow for video calls if required by the user.

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The technology combines Kopin’s renowned display and Whisper voice extraction system to provide a smart screen that is easily controlled by head gesture and voice, even under very noisy environment. This lightweight device clips on to a standard pair of safety glasses, bump caps or hardhat.

Golden-i Infinity can be connected to a host device (cellphone or mini PC) via USB Type-C cable to serve as a seamless input/output terminal of the host device; it relies solely on the host device’s processor, wireless connection, storage and battery.

Kopin plans to make Golden-i Infinity available by the third quarter of this year and is expected to retail for around $899. The device is compact enough to be easily carried around without causing much stress or fatigue to the user.

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