Qardio Launches Remote Patient Monitoring While Increasing Revenue Opportunities

Qardio remote patient monitoring

Leading digital health company Qardio has launched a new service that offers doctors to deliver remote patient care while increasing revenue opportunities.

The new service is powered by Qardio’s doctor platform, QardioMD, which automatically collates and examines patient essentials such as weight, blood pressure and ECG recorded outside the doctor’s office. This allows doctors to be more easily reimbursed for the remote care they provide, giving them a better way to grow their practice while enhancing on-going patient care for treatments related to conditions such as obesity and hypertension.

For the patient, this remote monitoring platform empowers them with an instinctive app and connected, award-winning devices that provides unparalleled patient engagement. QardioMD syncs patient’s data in its dashboard where it is organized in an easy and functional way. QardioMD connects flawlessly with existing EHRs, and with doctors having access to time tracking tools can accelerate reimbursement of claims.

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“The success of remote monitoring starts and ends with an engaged patient that measures frequently and provides doctors with medically accurate data they can trust,” said CTO of Qardio Rosario Iannella. “This is what Qardio does best. Our users measure blood pressure three times more often than other BP monitor owners and they stay engaged for periods of time unprecedented in the health industry.”

Many physicians across the country are providing remote care to their patients, and according to a study, number of remotely monitored patients will reach 50.2 million in the next 4 years. With the latest offering by Qardio, doctors can conveniently increase their profitability in a worthwhile manner and bill for multiple CPT codes while boosting patient health outcomes and satisfaction.

Qardio remote patient monitoring

The new QardioMD can be setup in a matter of minutes without any upfront investment, said Martina Janeckova, VP of Business Development at Qardio. The system removes all discords for doctors to provide remote care and monitoring and provides a palpable opportunity to improve care while growing reimbursement revenues, she added.

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“Doctors not exploring these opportunities are missing out on significant profits and might not have the chance later on as a patient with multiple doctors can only select one provider to get reimbursed under these codes,” Janeckova concluded.

Qardio’s remote monitoring system is especially appropriate for patients suffering from chronic conditions as they require frequent check-ups and long-term care.

About Qardio

A leader in the digital health industry, Qardio aims to give the world easier, smarter and better heart health through technology. Qardio’s award-winning products are powered by innovative technology, elegant design, smart data analytics and artificial intelligence.

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