AlacrityCare and Myia Partners with VivaLNK Developer Program for Remote Patient Monitoring of Cancer and Cardiovascular Patients

VivaLNK remote patient monitoring

AlacrityCare and Myia have joined VivaLNK Developer Program to Innovate Remote Patient Monitoring for Cancer Treatment and Cardiovascular Events.

VivaLNK is a leading provider of connected healthcare devices, whose developer program enables Internet of Health Things (IoHT) solution providers to easily integrate medical and healthcare applications with VivaLNK’s suite of connected wearable devices for wellness, remote patient care, and telemedicine.

The contents of VivaLNK developer program include wearable sensors, software development kits (SDK), and technical support. The company offers SDKs for Vital Scout, a continuous stress and recovery monitor, Fever Scout, a continuous temperature monitor, and an ECG recorder for recording and monitoring cardiac-related activities.

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AlacrityCare is currently developing clinical-grade digital monitoring solutions that connect patients and caregivers throughout the course of the cancer treatment. AlacrityCare uses VIvaLNK’s Fever Scout and ECG recorder to perform remote continuous monitoring of temperature and ECG. The platform enables AlacrityCare to offer better insights into the incidents throughout the treatment and delivers more proactive care helping to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

“VivaLNK’s connected wearable devices enable us to correlate multiple patient data points into an integrated solution for post-cancer therapy monitoring,” said Shawn Zhou, CEO of AlacrityCare. “Their development kits are easy to use, and the support team is very responsive.”

Myia is also VivaLNK’s developer program partner who uses the VivaLNK ECG recorder SDK. When Myia was developing an intelligent health platform for managing chronic conditions, it sought nonintrusive wearable devices to collect realtime data.

VivaLNK remote patient monitoring
VivaLNK eSkin Thermometer

“VivaLNK devices combine thoughtful form factor and medical-grade data fidelity, and the VivaLNK team consistently delivers on our bespoke needs,” said Simon MacGibbon, CEO of Myia.  “This enables us to focus on developing novel approaches to predict and prevent costly and harmful cardiovascular events.”

VivaLNK offers its Developer Program to all partners looking to build healthcare focused mobile and cloud applications that integrate with and analyze data from VivaLNK wearable telemetry devices. IoHT can potentially make a significant change in healthcare, but the crucial part of it is data. Much of the machine learning and intelligence that come from user generated data currently does not exist or isn’t easily accessible. This is why it is important to have wearable devices that collect medical-grade quality data which can be easily connected to a network.

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All VivaLNK wearable devices are designed for continuous wear lasting for multiple days, with telemetry capabilities.

About VivaLNK

VivaLNK provides connected healthcare devices for wellness, patient care, and telemedicine. The company’s portfolio includes health wearable devices and data analytics applications that continuously monitor the health and well-being of the wearers. VivaLNK aspires to enhance the quality and accessibility of healthcare throughout the world by combining technology, data, and analytics into an integrated solution.

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