IBM Watson IoT Speeds Up Business Transformation in Europe

Ibm Watson iot

IBM Watson IoT is accelerating business transformations in Europe as more and more European companies are selecting IBM Watson IoT to boost their operations and increase service to customers.

IBM announced that they signed new contracts with Spanish electricity grid operator Red Electrica de Espana, Italian elderly care provider Cooperativa Sole, Dutch telecommunications operator Tele2 and Israeli manufacturer of smart air conditioning Electra Group. These new contracts show that IBM is committed to transforming businesses and improving operations with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled, IBM Cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Here are more about the new companies signing deal with IBM.

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Red Electrica de Espana

Red Electra de Espana is Spain’s sole transmission agent and operator of the national electricity system. It has selected IBM Watson IoT technologies as part of its Intelligent Asset Management initiative project. With the new contract, Red Electrica de Espana aims to plan and optimize the maintenance and replacement activities of their strategic transmission assets (like substations and transmission lines) with the support of the IBM Watson IoT platform.

A team from IBM Global Business Services (GBS), armed with an IoT analytics solution that is designed specifically to help Energy and Utilities improve asset maintenance and utilization, has begun implementation of the platform. The team is also working simultaneously with REE to develop asset degradation models and design optimization plans specific to Red Electra’s requirements.

Technology and industry expertise of IBM combined with innovative project vision and knowledge of Red Electra will allow REE have a better management of their assets, resulting optimized operating efficiency.

Ibm Watson iot

Sole Co-operativa

Sole Co-operativa, an Italian assisted living facility for elderlies, has implemented IBM Watson IoT at Oasi Serena, its residence in Rimini, Emilia-Romagna on Italy’s Adriatic Coast. In a pilot project, Sole Co-operativa installed a range of ambient and wearable sensors that detect motion, location and other activities of each resident throughout the facility. These sensors collect data which are then used to alert caregivers in real-time when residents’ daily activity deviates from the norm. This allows nurses to prioritize visits to residents who are in urgent need of assistance. This IoT-based solution has already increased operational efficiencies by 15-20%, and at the same time these data enable Sole Co-operativa to reduce risk factors and improve personalized patients’ assistance.

Tele2 Netherlands

Tele2 Netherlands, a Dutch telecommunications provider focused on client centricity, has announced Mijn Tele2, a self-service app for its customers, powered by IBM Watson Assistant. The customers can ask the Mijn Tele2 app questions about their account, data usage, mobile plan, and allowance as well as upgrades through a chat functionality in Dutch. Utilizing machine learning, the Mijn Tele2 gives clear answers quickly, and over time, the app gets even smarter. Tele2 Netherlands implemented Mijn Tele2 after pilot program showed that 82% of the users preferred using the MijnTele2 app.

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Electra Group

Electra Group, a leading manufacturer and distributor of consumer goods in Israel, is collaborating with IBM to provide smart air conditioning solutions utilizing its Watson IoT Technology. Using IBM Watson IoT, Electra’s customers can connect to their air conditioning units and control them while at home, and even remotely, via a bespoke mobile app. Additionally, Watson enables Electra to perform maintenance checks on its smart air conditioners, which can save time and money for the company.

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