New Technology From 3M Monitors Breathing And Helps You Improve Respiratory Health

3M breathing tracker

When it comes to healthy lifestyle, we often think about maintaining a good heart health, burning calories and losing weight, but we don’t usually think about healthy breathing. However, breathing is very important for maintaining a good health. Therefore, 3M has decided to highlight the importance of breathing by launching its Respiratory Tracker available on IndieGoGo now for $89.

The respiratory tracker is easy to use. All you need to do is clip it onto your waistband or bra and then go about your day. The tracker keeps track of your breathing and then dispatches that information to the companion app.

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Approximately 24 million Americans have asthma and an estimated 50 million are affected by nasal allergies – an overwhelming number of people in need of respiratory relief.

The new 3M technology will offer coaching and education to enable people to take greater control of their respiratory health during daily activities, leading to more freedom and empowerment. With state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, the technology converts information into personalized, actionable insights for the user.

“With a large portion of the population facing respiratory issues, an understanding of triggers and sensitivities can help with management and prevent the onset of attacks,” said Silvia Perez, President of Drug Delivery Systems Division at 3M. “This new innovation will provide data around various environmental factors that typically cause flare-ups to provide unique insight into one’s breathing and respiratory challenges.”

The tracker uses 3M’s algorithm to keep track of what your normal breathing is like and alerts you when it senses something is wrong. At this point, you’ll need to pull out the app and you’ll be asked to input any symptoms you may be feeling, such as fatigue, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, fast heart rate, watery eyes, tightening chest and anxiety. The app tracks and logs all these symptoms and lets you track trends over time. For example, if water eyes are affecting your breathing, it may be due to pollen allergies.

3M breathing tracker

The app also keeps track of your location and sends you “personalized trigger forecast” in order to better help you understand how all this is affecting you. Once the app has collected enough data on your breathing health and what affects your breathing, it’ll send you recommendations. For example, if it detects that it is about to rain, it means more pollen will be released into the air. The app will then advise you to change your clothes and shower after getting home from outside.

“3M has over 60 years of expertise in drug delivery and inhalation therapy, so our innovation team set off to try and find a better solution for personalized respiratory health,” says Sam Van Alsyne, 3M’s new products marketing leader.

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Van Alsyne says 3M wants to collaborate with users to enhance the product. In October 2018, the company will ask its backers to provide feedback on the software and hardware, and then it’ll go back to redevelopment and refine the product.

3M will begin final testing on February 2019 and then start to roll out units for a June 2019 shipment. About the crowdfunding money, 3M said it doesn’t disclose sales and financial information.

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