WhaleTeq Introduces Multifunction Tester Capable of Conducting ECG/EKG Performance and Heart Rate Tests

Whaleteq AECG100 ECG

There’s a growing demand for using wearables to collect vital signs, however, it is very important that the vital signs collected by the wearable device is accurate. With that in mind, WhaleTeq has introduced AECG100, the innovative multifunction tester which is capable of conducting ECG/EKG performance tests, PPG heart rate accuracy tests and PWTT tests.

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The excellent shielding design allows AECG100 to generate low-noise ECG/EKG signal output. The tester also offers a wide range of test parameters which are compliant with medical standards of IEC 60601-2-47 and China YY0885. The user only needs to click to output preferred ECG/EKG signal.

For the PPG heart rate accuracy test, AECG100 utilizes LED and photodiode to simulate the reflection of different skin tones. Once optical signal from wearable is detected by AECG100’s built-in photodiode, it uses built-in LED to send optical signal with assigned parameters to DUT, so that DUT can receive and determine the heart rate.

In short, AECG100 not only verifies PPG sensor functionalities in Tx/Rx signal processing paths, it also helps test DUT’s algorithm by sending optical signal of recorded or programmed raw data to DUT to ensure the algorithm can handle all kinds of extreme waveforms. Overall, it is the industry-leading test tool to test PPG heart rate accuracy of wearable devices.

Whaleteq AECG100 ECG

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Besides sending out ECG and PPG signal outputs, AECG100 also simultaneously outputs ECG and PPG signals. It is capable of controlling the time difference between ECG and PPG signals known as Pulse Wave Transit Time (PWTT), whose major parameters are PTTp and PTTf. Similar to other test modes, user can simply click to adjust the required waveform and AECG100 would output immediately.

About WhaleTeq

WHALETEQ Co., Ltd is a professional test solution provider, established by a team of experts specialized in test equipment and medical certification. WHALETEQ strives to offer simple, accurate, and compliant test solutions. From Manufacturers, Testing Labs, Healthcare Service Providers to Chipset makers, WhaleTeq provides unique and specialized testing solution to help the industry achieve accuracy and meet standards. This Taipei, Taiwan-based company brings ECG, EEG, PPG, and PWTT expertise to reduce efforts spent in testing. WhaleTeq designs, produces, and sells test solutions including test equipment and associated services for medical devices and healthcare wearables. Since 2013, hundreds of medical device manufacturers, EMS providers, certification laboratories, and regulation testing institutes have adopted WHALETEQ test solutions.

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