This Wearable Helps You Lose Weight by Analyzing Your Breath

Breathe to lose weight

With a vape pen-like look, Lumen, a small wearable device helps you lose weight by analyzing your breath. Lumen is your very own nutritionist who tells you in real time how you are doing and adjust accordingly. When you blow into the device, it measures the CO2 of your exhale to see if you’re burning carbs or body fat.

Lumen was founded by Dror Cedar. A team of scientists, engineers and designers created this device with an aim to find a sustainable solution that will boost the way you eat and manage your body to live a healthier life.

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If you’re still wondering how accurately this device measure your metabolism through breath, then just breathe into the device. It will measure and analyse the various gases in your breath (especially Co2) through different sensors in it. The concentration of various gases in your breath informs Lumen whether your cells are burning carbs or fats for energy.

The promotional video tells us that you can get a personalized meal plan for the day just by breathing into the device in the morning. It allows you to adjust that meal plan with breath check-ins throughout the day. You can also check your breath before a workout to see if you need to eat more carb for additional energy.

The results, according to the site, are sustainable weight loss and optimized workouts.

Breathe to lose weight

The company launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund its eponymous device. It has already gone past its $50,000 goal, raising $213,816 with a full month still remaining to go. Early birds can pick up a Lumen for $199, after that the price jumps to $219. The company estimates the devices will be shipped in February 2019.

With technology becoming more powerful, small wearable devices are flooding the market to help us better understand our food intake and calories burned.

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Personalization is hot topic among wearables. Companies like FoodPairing are developing tools for hyper-personalized recipes, and another company, Intellectual Ventures has a patent for a personalized food manufacturing system. They’re also eyeing a future where 3D printed foods will deliver the exact food we would need for dietary and nutritional needs.

If Lumen delivers what it promises, you won’t need to hold your breath to get personalized meal recommendations and losing weight.

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