Ava Announces More Than 1,000 Babies Born to Users of Its Fertility Tracking Bracelet

Ava babies

Ava, a med tech company that produces fertility tracking wearable devices, has announced that 1,000 of its customers around the world have successfully given birth after using the company’s popular cycle tracking Ava bracelet to help them conceive.

Since its official launch in July 2016, the company has reported more than 10,000 pregnancies among its Ava bracelet users, with an average of 25 pregnancies reported daily. In August 2017, Ava announced Jace McGee, born in St. George, Utah, as its first Ava baby. The first “celebrity Ava baby” was named Emerson Tolbert (daughter of “The Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise” stars Jade & Tanner Tolbert), born last fall.

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Ava uses built-in sensor technology in its bracelets, in combination with clinical research, and data science to precisely monitor a woman’s menstrual cycle or pregnancy in real time.

The users wear the bracelet only at night while sleeping, then sync with the app in the morning.

“We started this company and created Ava with a vision of building a product that would empower women via data and technology to use insights from their monthly cycle to improve their reproductive health and well-being. The fact that the Ava bracelet has helped so many women and couples realize their dreams of starting a family is exciting, and incredible proof that we’re on the way to achieving that vision,” said Ava Co-Founder Lea von Bidder. “There really is no more meaningful metric to Ava’s success than the real life pregnancies and babies among our users.”

Ava babies

Kate Campbell is a 32-year-old former teacher from Nashville. Kate is one of the women who credits Ava for helping her become a mother. She successfully gave birth to her son Canaan James on April 27, 2018. Kate started using the Ava bracelet at the end of April 2017 and got pregnant at the beginning of August 2017 after tracking three full cycles. “I always thought it was so easy to get pregnant. Turns out, it really isn’t that simple! Before using Ava, I was missing my window each month by an entire week,” she said.

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About Ava

Ava is a medical technology company founded in Switzerland in 2014 by industry leaders in wearable technology, women’s health, and data science. The company is dedicated to bringing innovation to women’s reproductive health. The Ava bracelet, which received The Bump “Best of Baby Tech CES 2017” award for fertility and pregnancy and the Women’s Health “Editors’ Choice” award, is the company’s first consumer product. Ava uses sensor technology, clinical research, and data science to precisely monitor a woman’s menstrual cycle or pregnancy in real time. The company is also conducting clinical studies to adapt and expand its algorithms for use as a non-hormonal contraceptive device. Backed by USD42.3M in venture funding, Ava has operations in Zurich and San Francisco.

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