HTC’s Foray into Wearable Market: The HTC Gluuv

HTC gluuv

It looks like something that stepped out of a sci-fi movie, but the Gluuv by HTC is a real thing. You might say, why would HTC develop something as ubiquitous as a glove? Well, this isn’t your everyday glove; it’s a smart glove that syncs with the new HTC One (M8). This massive glove appears to be made of aluminum.

HTC says the wearable “lets you unleash your imagination and communicate in ways you’ve always wanted.”

This is a big comeback for the company, which only last month announced that it is laying off 1,500 employees. The news produced big headlines, some stating, HTC IS DEAD! The laying-off decision by the Taiwanese company was partly due to months of bad quarterly results and an effort to bring the company back to profitability. The layoffs will reduce 25% of HTC’s entire workforce, and the company said it expects to complete the layoffs by September.

The gluuv was all over the company’s website. According to HTC, the device also syncs with an HTC boom box called the HTC BoomBass, which is durable, humongous, and completely wireless. And, don’t forget it comes with an 87.2MP camera.

HTC gluuv

The HTC Gluuv lets you ‘like’ things you see in the real world on Facebook with a cheeky thumbs-up, or chirpse a nearby stunner by swiping right, Tinder-style.

And now the truth about the Gluuv

Remember, at the start of my article I said the Gluuv is a real thing? Sorry, I said so because this ain’t the real thing. As awesome as it may sound, we just have to break it to you – it’s all a big April fool’s joke. That’s right HTC Gluuv is just an April Fool’s the company decided to pull on you!

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Usually it’s Samsung and Apple accuse each other of copying each other, but somehow these three all came up with this hilarious idea of a smartglove – Samsung Fingers, Toshiba Digit and now, the HTC Gluuv.

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