Top 5 Smart Clothes for Workout Freaks in the Market Right Now

Top 5 smart clothes

You can’t discuss wearable tech without mentioning fashion. After smartwatches and fitness trackers, the wearable market is being invaded by smart clothes. They’re at a store near you and all over the web. Big-name brands like Google, Samsung, Hexo Skin, OMSignal, and Under Armour are now thinking of ways to make the clothes on your back as smart as the phone in your pocket.

Here is Wearable Technologies selection of Top 5 Smart Clothes for Workout Freaks in the Market Right Now.

  1. Nadi X Yoga Pants

You may find yoga very difficult if you don’t know the proper moves. In the past, you had to join a yoga class to learn how to perfect those moves, but now there are smart clothes that can teach you just that. Nadi X, developed by Sydney-based startup Wearable X, will help you achieve flawless yoga moves. The smart pants come with built-in haptic vibrations that gently pulse at the hips, knees and ankles to encourage you to move and/or hold positions. Nadi X pants sync up via Bluetooth to your phone and, through the companion app, gives you additional feedback. They come in four sizes – XS, S, M, L – and four styles – Midnight, Midnight with black, Black/White with mesh and Navy/Gray with mesh. Price: $179.

  1. Athos Core

Athos is at the forefront of smart clothing. Its shirts and shorts are sensor-filled garments that can measure various factors, as you exercise. Athos Core can monitor your muscle activity, the heart rate, and even the breathing rate. ‘Core’ is the name chosen by Athos designers, according to its style as a small capsule glued to the garments. The device syncs with fabric embedded sensors and delivers the collected data, via Bluetooth, to your smartphone. The Core 2 shorts start at $340, and the shirt starts at $390 each.

  1. Sensoria Running Socks 2.0

Sensoria brings you smart socks that can monitor your runs in detail, providing data on distance, pace, and time as well as your running style. These connected socks has AI coach to help athletes run with better form, leading to faster times and a reduced injury risk. The three textile pressure sensors featured in these socks measure the pressure placed on the foot during running. Price: $199.

Top 5 smart clothes
Sensoria Smart Socks
  1. HOVR Connected Sneakers

Designed by Under Armour, HOVR Sonic Sneaker and HOVR Phantom Sneaker bring the same premium comfort and zero-gravity feel as the rest of their sneakers, but also track performance statistics from your workouts automatically, like a wearable. The sneakers can be synced to an easy-to-use app which provides real-time and extended statistics on your physical fitness. Under Armour’s Connected sneakers will even go so far as to measure your gait for you to help minimize your risk of injury. Price: HOVR Sonic Sneaker, $110 for Men and Women; HOVR Phantom Sneaker, $140 for Men and Women.

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  1. The Tech Shirt by Hexoskin

Hexoskin’s smart clothes can monitor your heart rate, calories, volume and breathing rate, steps, cadence, and even sleep, thanks to its very complex wiring. The Hexoskin smart clothes are made with high-quality Italian textiles which has a small device hidden in a secret pouch on the shirt. Available in short-and-long-sleeved versions for men and women, the smart shirts can connect via Bluetooth to all types of Android and iOS smartphones.

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