Talsam: Smart Jewelry that Combines Technology and Fashion to Save Your Life

Talsam smart jewelry

With all the wearable devices in the market, its hard to find the one that stands out. Talsam does just that. It isn’t just a fine-looking jewelry that goes well with your dress, it could also save your life, while keeping you connected to your loved ones at all times.

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Developed by a New York-based startup, Talsam is gift-worthy smart jewelry that provides intimacy, connection and peace of mind.

Talsam was born after its founder, Omar Farha had to spend years away from his loved ones. The pain of not being able to feel the emotions of the ones he loved converted into a business idea, two years ago, when Omar decided to build a smart jewelry as a meaningful gift, reports WT VOX.

“At a time when the idea to create a device that can support intimate dialogues between lovers came, I was struggling to find a creative gift idea for my girlfriend,” said Omar Farha, the founder of Talsam.

“To me, current communication choices, like email, text messages or even social media platforms have always been too noisy and impersonal. So, I set out to answer the question: how can I create a beautiful, gift-worthy piece of jewelry that helps people stay connected with each other?”

Talsam can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. Semi-precious stones were handpicked by the team as the main accent of the charm and each piece was adorned with six Swarovski crystals to add elegance to the overall look. With its unisex look and a variety of styles and accessories, the gadget is suitable for both men and women.

Talsam smart jewelry

Here’s How it Works

A USB-C connector hidden inside the beautiful casing connects with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. User sends animated emojis to loved ones via a special app on the smartphone to and from the smart jewelry.

When Talsam receives such emotional expressions, the charm informs the wearer by lighting up according to the emotion received, giving the wearer feeling that the loved one is right there, next to them.

Talsam’s messaging app allows users to create messages pertaining to 5 positive emotions that the we experience when tagged: amused, happy, loved, optimistic, and thankful.

The messages are organized in a Moment Stream, giving the user the ability to replay and recall and relive, from the past, special moments.

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Each of the six charms is a unique blend of plated stainless steel and semi-precious stones. The charm boasts six Swarovski crystals, arranged in the pattern of the Lyra Constellation, a known group of stars associated with music and love.

Last but not least, the device has an embedded SOS alert function as well. Using the inline button, located on the side of the charm, the wearer can send instant SOS alerts, and the location, to an emergency contact.

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