Alaska Airlines Adds Virtual Reality to In-Flight Entertainment to Make Long Flights More Bearable

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Travelling by air may not be pleasant for many people, especially when it’s cramped and crowded. To make the flight more comfortable and entertaining, some airlines are offering Virtual Reality to help passengers escape the pressurized environment inside the cabin.

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Alaska Airlines just announced that its passengers on the Seattle to Boston and Boston to San Diego routes will soon be able to enjoy SkyLights’ Allosky Cinematic VR headset as part of in-flight entertainment.

Passengers will have access to immersive 3D and forward-facing 360-degree films in Full HD, although they can also pick 2D. Some of the movies passengers will be able to enjoy are Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; Ready Player One in 3D and Ferdinand.

The headsets will be preloaded with a few of forward-facing 360-degree videos, whose topics range from classical music to acrobatics and free diving, reports CNet.

The SkyLights VR headset is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon and has Full HD resolution per eye and offers films from its partners 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and EIM.

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The headset will also allow users to watch saved content that they have previously paid for, and stream shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Hulu, according to the SkyLights website.

SkyLights is becoming known as a provider of Virtual Reality in-flight entertainment; just last month the company introduced a new VR system called Skykids, which was tailored for children aged 6-12 on long-haul flights. The system is being tested on French airlines XL Airways.

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Alaska Airlines, which purchased Virgin America in 2017, isn’t the first airline to offer Virtual Reality entertainment though. In 2015, Qantas had some of its flight equipped with Samsung’s Gear VR while European carriers like Air France, Corsair, Joon, and Jetfly are also testing Allosky. However, according to Alaska Airlines, it is the first airline to offer the Allosky headset in North America.

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