Livongo Announces First Blood Pressure Monitor with Cellular Connectivity in U.S.

Livongo blood pressure monitor
Image: Livongo

Livongo Health, a Silicon Valley digital health company focused on empowering people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives, announced the first cellular-enabled blood pressure monitoring system in the U.S., along with a smartphone app and accompanying online platform for managing and sharing the readings.

Using cellular connectivity, users can easily check and report their blood pressure measurements from home, removing the so-called ‘White Coat’ syndrome that leads to unnecessary prescriptions for high blood pressure, and it also enables real-time insights and Health NudgesTM delivered when it is most effective.

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High blood pressure and diabetes are the fastest growing chronic conditions in the United States, resulting in direct medical costs of 176 billion dollars and 131 billion dollars respectively. That also makes them the most expensive chronic conditions. Chances of heart attack can be reduced by 50% if individuals improve their blood pressure through lifestyle changes and medications.

Nearly 65% of people already using Livongo for Diabetes also have hypertension, so an integrated approach makes it easier for members who are managing multiple conditions to stay healthy.

The device uses what the company calls “Cuff to Cloud” method for uploading blood pressure measurements to the Livongo cloud platform directly, without needing to connect to a WiFi network.

Livongo blood pressure monitor
Nearly 65% of people already using Livongo for Diabetes also have hypertension (Image: Creative commons)

“Just as we did with diabetes, Livongo wants to make it easier for people to stay healthy by checking their blood pressure, receiving real-time personalized feedback, sharing the information with their physician and other members of their connected care community from home, thereby avoiding a rise in blood pressure that can come with visiting a doctor,” said Amar Kendale, Chief Product Officer, Livongo. “We’re proud to introduce the first cellular-enabled blood pressure monitoring system to market in the U.S. and to add this capability to our comprehensive platform for people with all kinds of chronic conditions. This allows us to treat the whole person and the challenges they face in a seamless manner.”

In the initial cohort study, 81% of people who had both diabetes and hypertension were able to reduce their blood pressure using the product. People with mean blood pressures greater than 130/80 lowered their systolic blood pressure by 9 mmHg on average lowering their risk of stroke and heart attacks by at least 35% and 25%, respectively. Additionally, participants really liked the product, which had a net promoter score of +76.

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Chief Executive Officer of Livongo Glen Tullman said his company is the first organization with an integrated offering that is producing clinical as well as financial results in the marketplace and it is empowering people to manage multiple chronic conditions.

“Our early results show that by addressing the health of the whole person with a personalized approach and a seamless experience, we are making a difference in the lives of people who need it most,” he said.

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