Casio Launches its Newest Outdoor Smartwatch Pro Trek WSD F30

Casio Pro Trek WSD F30
Image: Casio

Casio has announced its latest PRO TREK Smart series of smartwatches for outdoor enthusiasts – the WSD-F30. The WSD-F30 features alti-barometers, rugged casings, standalone GPS, and dual-layer displays that offer incredible readability in direct sunlight.

Casio entered the smartwatch market in 2016, with the release of its WSD-F10 smartwatch which had water resistance up to 50 meters and environmental durability built to military specifications. The device ran by Google’s Wear OS.

The following year, the company released the PRO TREK Smart WSD-F20 with GPS, a feature widely popular among outdoor enthusiasts and other users for its wearable map functionality.

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Power-Saving Features

The WSD-F30 has a 1.2-inch OLED for Google’s Wear OS, and a second 1.2-inch monochrome screen for the battery-saving Multi Timepiece mode. The resolution is 390×390 pixels. According to Casio, the battery should last one-and-a-half day.

The Extend Mode enables users to access offline color maps and GPS for up to three consecutive days on just a single charge. While in the Extend Mode, the monochrome display continuously shows time and measurement data, and a simple push of the button will display a color map. To conserve energy, the Extend Mode switches the OS to energy-saving stand-by mode on a schedule set by the user. Optimal power management can be achieved in the Extend Mode, which allows the wearer to track their current location on an offline map and record tracks during activities longer than a single day.

Casio Pro Trek WSD F30
Image: Casio

An improved dual-layer monochrome and color display uses an organic EL display showing maps and data in finer detail and making it readable in sunlight. Aside from showing time, the monochrome display also shows atmospheric pressure/altitude and compass bearing, as befits the PRO TREK outdoor gear brand. In addition to displaying time, the watch’s Multi Timepiece Mode shows measurement data such as altitude and atmospheric pressure in monochrome, while still extending battery life without a charge to about a month. This feature provides useful information for outdoor activities at a glance while conserving energy.

With all the new added features the WSD-F30 will cost $549 when it comes out in January 2019. It will be available in black, blue, and orange cases.

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About PRO TREK Smart

Casio’s PRO TREK Smart line of watches is especially designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Powered by Google’s Wear OS, these smartwatches are packed with an array of features ideal for outdoor adventures including Location Memory, GPS, Moment Setter, and more. These timepieces also boast Casio’s Triple Sensor technology, in addition to a dual-layer LCD and water resistance.

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