Elvie’s Silent Wearable Breast Pump Makes Life Easier for Nursing Mothers

Elvie wearable breast pump
Image: Elvie

Elvie, a FemTech company that was exhibiting with us at last year´s WT | Wearable Technologies Conference MEDICA, has developed a wearable, wireless breast pump that fits inside of a standard nursing bra, allowing for hands-free pumping.

“When it comes to breast pumps, the future is wearable,” said Tania Boler, CEO and founder of Elvie. “In two years’ time, most of the shelves with breast pumps will look completely different.”

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Called the Elvie Pump, the Bluetooth-equipped device draws milk out completely soundlessly. The nursing mothers can move around and go about their daily routine during the process. An iOS or Android app enables them to check how much milk the pump has collected, track the output of milk from each breast, and stop and restart the pump if necessary. When the device’s detachable 5-oz (150-ml) bottle gets completely filled, Elvie will automatically cease pumping.

A similar pump named Willow was launched in May. While both Elvie and Willow are wearable, Elvie doesn’t require a separate, disposable bag with which to collect pumped milk. Instead, the milk is collected in a reusable, BPA-free bottle that’s dishwasher and microwave safe.

The pump has a choice of seven intensity settings, and has a USB-rechargeable battery. It works in two modes: stimulation and expression. Stimulation is the baby’s initial frenetic sucking stage when the release of milk starts, and the expression mode simulates the slower sucking pattern that eventually keeps it coming, reports New Atlas.

Elvie wearable breast pump

“Being a new mother can be incredibly stressful. We spoke to many women about the struggles they experience post-pregnancy, and it became obvious that outdated pumping technology was a real obstacle for women wanting to provide breast milk for their baby,” said Boler. “Women need technology that keeps up with their busy lifestyles, especially at a time of so much change. We designed Elvie Pump to make breast pumping as easy, streamlined and flexible as possible for mums. We aim to transform the way women think and feel about themselves by providing the tools to address the issues that matter most to them, and Elvie Pump does just that. We’re excited to be launching a product we know will be a huge leap forward in this space.”

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Pending FDA approval, the device will be available in the US later this year from Elvie and Amazon. It will be priced at $479 for a double unit. It will also be available in the UK this October, costing £429 for a double unit and £229 for a single pump.

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